Lipstick Junkie!

I’m sure you all know by now….what a LIPSTICK JUNKIE I am! If I only was able to have one thing on a deserted island, it would be lipstick or lipgloss! And if there was only one type of makeup to wear, of course it would be lipstick! And I’m sure you know too, that the brighter the better! I will wear nudes every now and again, but for the most part it’s bright reds, oranges, and pinks for me! So you can only imagine, when I found out that my Landis Aveda Salon was carrying a NEW FORMULA of lipsticks, I was SO excited!!!

This formula is long-wearing with nourishing certified organic cupuacu fruit butter and botanical oils. It has a satin finish and a peppermint/vanilla/ginger aroma and flavor. It really feels SO GOOD on your lips…..nourish-MINT! I LOVE it! My two favorite shades are CANA and PRICKLY PEAR, and they are both here.The BEST red and the BEST pink! I’m wearing the Prickly Pear in my picture….it goes SO GOOD with my PINK hair! And yes, I decided to stick with the PINK hair for a little while longer!

And not only does Aveda have lipstick, but everything else you’d need as well…..face, eyes, and cheeks too!!! All the reason to love Aveda more. Now not only do they have all the hair-care products I use and need for my hair, but now this amazing makeup! You can find any of these products here at Landis Salon!  And if you want to stop by, and give them an imprint of YOUR kiss on a post it paper… could win one of these fabulous tubes of lipstick!!! Yay!!!

So you see I decided that my PINK hair was so much fun, I had to have it through the spring. I went a couple of days ago for some fresh color from Harley, and we both thought it turned out better than the first time! It faded a lot quicker than I thought it would, but that isn’t unusual. By the time I went back in, 4 weeks later, it had faded to a very soft pastel pink. Harley left the color in a little bit longer this time, hoping that it might stay a little pinker, so we’ll see. We’re both taking notes! I used this product every other day or so, to keep my pink locks shiny and healthy! I was surprised at all the action there was with my hair. I honestly think it was you all saying that weather or not you liked the pink, it was BOLD and CONFIDENT and made a POWERFUL statement, that I can pull something like this off, NO MATTER what my age….and I’m soon 58 years old! It influenced and inspired SO MANY to make a change with their hair, either cut or color! I LOVE that! BE BOLD and BE YOU!!!

One more thing friends….take a look in my SHOP CHIC tab on my website! There are NEW PRODUCTS I’m so excited about! My hooded sweatshirt is on it’s way and I can’t wait! New designs and colors AND styles in CHIC OVER 50 apparel!!!! Woohoo!

Now go and get yourself a NEW lipstick and a new CHIC shirt!





14 thoughts on “Lipstick Junkie!

  1. I’m on my way to get a new lip color!!! I must say I like the second go round of pink better than the first…which I thought was cute! I’m going tonight to continue with my own platinum theme!

  2. Good morning, Cutie-Pie!

    Oh my gosh! I ?your pink hair! I could never wear it, I’m too shy, BUT you can best believe it that I’m wearing my hair in a most similar style as yours! WOW! People really comment on it! Where I thought it was glam, they think I’m edgy! ?

    Your blog gives me such joy. You’re a precious lady, Miss Shauna! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

    Rock on,


  3. I love experimenting with my hair color! At the moment, I am embracing my own salt and pepper hair, so my stylist and I took me to platinum and have been playing with different toners. I even went dark blue! Keep rocking whatever shade you choose!

    1. Jelly
      I’m doing to same but was too afraid until I found Shsua’s blog. She inspired me to go silver! The salt and pepper is coming in nicely and I’m trying to ramp up my clothes!!! Good luck to you! Nice to know there are others out there like me!

    2. Kelly….I bet your blue hair is beautiful!!!! It’s always fun to experiment and step out of your box!!! XO

  4. Done with trying to color “color resistant”silver hair. I am letting nature take its course, but do believe what Kathy says, if I’m going that route, I too must ramp up my fashion and adapt a killer cut, maybe even grab a new lipstick as well!!! The hair need to look deliberate not like I’ve given up.

    BTW how absolutely adorable is that Haley???

  5. Shauna, you’re pink looks even better this go around! And, too funny, I got my color done at my Aveda salon yesterday and my colorist told me about their new lipstick line. Of course I bought a new liner and lipstick. ???it’s awesome. Love how it feels, not tacky and very long-lasting. Plus it smells awesome, like all Aveda products!

    1. Isn’t AVEDA the best??? LOVE this new lipstick!!! So glad you were able to try it!!! HAPPY week! XO

  6. I love the pink hair. As soon as I can I am going purple-bright and shiny. Pinks, blues, purples-they are fun!

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