BORN to be BOLD!

Are you afraid to say your age? I’ve never had an issue with it, thank heavens! I AM 57….actually 58 in a couple of weeks! I love CHICOS for being so aware of the mid-life woman and their needs! They are such a FABULOUS company, and have been SO GOOD TO ME and many others!

I received this BE BOLD tee shirt the other day in the mail….isn’t it the best? LOVING TO BE BOLD, is sort of an understatement for me. Even though in person, I’m really sort of quiet, when it comes to fashion, I’m quite the opposite! Experimenting with new colors and styles is what I do best!

CHICOS new campaign #HowBoldAreYou is going to be SO MUCH FUN to be a part of! To learn more about what’s in store, you can visit @lovechicos Instagram account! It’s oh so BOLD and FUN and ALIVE and FABULOUS and pretty much EVERYTHING! Hang on friends…….YOU WERE BORN TO BE BOLD!

Shop this look here. Pair it all with a CHIC over 50 tee I talked about yesterday. You can buy one here! Lip color is Candy Yum Yum and Heroine!



8 thoughts on “BORN to be BOLD!

  1. Never would I have thought, that you’d claim to be a self-described quiet person. You are obviously correct in saying your fashion is fabulous & bold. It exudes confidence.

  2. Wow! I love it! You are such an inspiration! I enjoy the blog immensely and you are really impacting my perspective of my own self expression!

    1. Kathy! This is so good to hear!!! So HAPPY you may be learning how to change things up! It’s good for all of us to step outside our NORM! XO

  3. Hi Shauna

    Love the pink hair. I am 55 this year and love my short silver funky hair with a hint of purple . I love fashion and try new fun and different clothing all the time. Keep it up , your are lovely.
    I love your style

    Debbie from Ottawa Ontario Canada

    1. Hi Debbie, THANK YOU! Your hair sounds FABULOUS!!! I know a young girl with soft lavender hair and it’s so beautiful!!!!! Have a great week!!! XO

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