How BOLD Are You?

I can’t wait to tell you all more about my amazing trip with Sheree, aka SheShe, @shesheshow, this passed weekend to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona! I LOVE the desert so much! And when you can visit this amazing place with one of your best girlfriends, it becomes a memory you’ll keep forever! I’ll be blogging about it later this week!

But in the meantime, CHICOS was so good to us. They kept us well dressed in the desert! This is all from their NEW SPRING COLLECTION! We picked out these adorable pants on our own, without knowing the other chose the same!!! We MUST be sisters! SheShe is so long and lean, and styled hers with some great stripes! And then there’s me, very petite….I styled mine with a basic tee and navy laced detailed cardigan. I will be wearing these pants all spring and then all summer long! Pair them with some cute white tennis and a denim shirt or graphic tee…SO CUTE! THANK YOU CHICOS, for dressing us so well! Chicos new campaign, HOW BOLD ARE YOU… going to be SO empowering!


Have an AWESOME week friends!


8 thoughts on “How BOLD Are You?

  1. Love the way the same pants are styled differently! I probably would have gone with a bold yellow!!!! Good to get away…enjoy!

  2. You always look so great & stylish.How doyou keep in such good shape. Ps. LOVE THE PINK HAIR.

    1. Thank you Judy!!! Staying in shape doesn’t come easy for me! It’s hard work! I stay motivated because I love the results too much! The pink hair has really been fun!!! XO

  3. You both look fabulous and fierce! Those pants are so on trend and perfect! Glad you had fun with your bestie, Shauna! My childhood BFF and I take a trip every year because we live on different coasts now. I always look forward to seeing her, catching up, and making new memories. 🙂

    1. Girl time I’m finding……is a necessity!!! Such fun to connect with friends and spend time like that together! Thanks Lizzy!!! XO

  4. I’m so in aww of your clothes your so beautiful. and love your hair. What products do you use to keep it standing up. Woulkd love to know. Thanks

  5. I am so thankful and excited to have found you and your styles. I am 53 and I lost myself along the way of aging not knowing what styles I should be in. Not wanting to look like a teeny bopper but not wanting to look like my grandma either.. you are such a beautiful lady and I love your style. Thank you!

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