Forever Fierce Women!!!

The FOREVER FIERCE CAMPAIGN of 2018 is alive and well thanks to so many hardworking women who are driven by their mission to EMPOWER women everywhere! Catherine Grace O’Connell was the founder along with myself and Cathy Williamson being her co-partners a year ago with the first Fierce 50 Campaign. These Campaigns are designed really, to help all of you midlife women to recognize your power, gifts, talents, and capabilities! And in doing that you will be better equipped to serve and help others!

I was asked to select some women over the age of 50, to feature here on my blog, who didn’t have a blog. The point being,   to give them a platform to introduce themselves to all of you. Each of these women are unique and gifted in their own way!

Nancy I met through Catherine. I LOVE her to pieces as we have a few things in common! She’s a SUPER model and a SUPER WOMAN as she has overcome many challenges!

I first noticed Cindy on Instagram with her GORGEOUS family pictures on the beach! Talk about BEAUTIFUL people….oh my heavens. Take a look! And just as sweet!!!

Kim, works at Anthropologie in SLC! She has the most enthusiastic personality ever! You will not doubt after talking with her, that she’s on a mission and lives with purpose!

Donna, I met through Instagram. She messaged me just days after my surgery, wanting to know how I was doing! Wow….such kindness and compassion! I’ll meet her someday!

And lastly Debbie. When I was in NYC a month or so ago, I just happened to run in to her in a cafe! She instantly caught my eye and was brave enough to say, “Hey I know you!”

I’m grateful to know each of these women and TRULY am strengthened by EACH ONE! Now……let me introduce them to you! In their own words they have answered the question, “What does it mean to you, to be FIERCE at 50?”

NANCY DONAHUE ~ Age 60 @nancycdonahue

I remember when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and thinking that the people in their 50’s had this “cool factor” about them. They had confidence, tenacity and were in control. I truly admired them.

I just turned the corner in to the next decade of my life-60 years young, and I have never felt better physically, mentally and oh, so much wiser. I have gone through so many stages, struggles, trials, and tribulations in my life, and several different careers: Model, Chef, Fitness Director, Yoga, and Pilates teacher and now an Entrepreneur. All these career changes made me a stronger, more organized and a wiser person.

I am excited to enter this new chapter of being 60 and becoming even more FIERCE!


CINCY GEE ~ Age 57 @cindycgee

Being fierce in midlife, means taking all that I have learned and using that knowledge to help better the lives of everyone that I know and love. It’s a time in life where I really know who I am, what I believe, and what I want to accomplish in this second half of my life. I have learned what’s important and what’s not. I do all that I can to let my children and grandchildren know how fiercely I love them and that their success and happiness is what I pray for daily. It’s a time where my husband and I can travel the world and fill our hearts and minds with experiences that keep us wanting to learn more. Lastly, to be fierce, we have to physically fit. I push myself to be the healthiest, strongest me. It’s a fabulous time in life, I love everything about it!


KIM JOHNSON ~ Age 50 @kdarlingj

Turning 50 was full of intense emotions for me. Happy, exciting, renewing, and a little scary. Little did I know that one of the biggest milestones was going to be learning to be “FIERCE” with the gift of time. For the past 25 years I had put the majority of my time in to rearing and raising my family. I felt grateful to love and support and be with them.

Upon being invited to participate in this campaign, I researched the definitions of “Fierce”. The one that speaks to me is one of action, showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity of emotion.

“Time is the raw material of life. Everyday unwraps itself like a gift.” President Thomas S. Monson

May we be “fierce” in unwrapping and applying this gift of time in building lasting relationships, opportunities, adventures, new goals, and a deeper measure of love in this new season of life.


DONNA NEWMAN ~ Age 53 @cosmopolitancountrygirl

I am Donna Newman, born and raised in Georgia. I am honored to be among such a wonderful community of ladies.

The strongest desire of my heart is mentoring and empowering women. I want women to “Live Loved”, live from the abundant place that they are loved, treasured and significantly important.

The greatest gift a woman can give herself is to be grounded in her own identity. Know who she is, what she believes in, and where she wants to go.

The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description…

She Can: Live Loved, Be Bold, Take Risk, Own Her Talent, Step Into Her Position, Exalt Her Influence, Acknowledge Her Beauty, Claim Her Title, Fulfill Her Role, Share Her Love, Embrace Her Uniqueness, Set An Example, Exercise Her Confidence.

The world that we live in equally distributes talent and we all have something fabulously special to share! Live Loved, Love Big and Go Be Someone’s Heroine.


DEBBIE PAGANO ~ Age 55 @debpagano

To me, being fierce at 50+ is about putting your heart and soul in to what you decide to do with the rest of your life. I was 50 when my husband and I decided to move to New York City where together we began the most incredible journey of our lives. We have done more “living” here than we ever did when we were younger. On most days I can’t believe I did it! It hasn’t been all Madison, Fifth and Park Avenue perfect, as we have experienced intense and enduring sadness due to the loss of my sister to cancer. At fifty you have a life of experiences, friendships and relationships that help you get through the inevitable lows that life will bring us all. Being fierce keeps you from getting stuck in the depths of those lows so you can pull yourself up and pursue the experiences that are truly a gift of life.

AREN’T THESE LADIES AMAZING??? Check their pages out. I’ve included each of their Instagram accounts for you to follow along!

Here is a link to ALL ladies participating in this amazing campaign.

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  1. Love that all my blogger Hero’s are all on the same page today. Let me say….times 20? 20 times the inspiration. Lotta ladies…it’s a great time to be where we’re at, at this time and in our lives!!!!
    Thank you for having our backs!! xoxo

  2. What an incredible group of women you showcased, Shauna. And you are one among them!!
    Thanks for joining in on the Fierce Day, and helping women all over realize that fierceness is in all of us!!

  3. Shauna, first I must say I love you! I feel I know you through your IG feed. YOUR beautiful spirit speaks through your photos! And your fierce sisters here, WOWZA~you have a beautiful circle. Thank y’all for sharing and inspiring.

  4. Shauna, Loved reading about all of these wonderfully FIERCE woman! They are all beautiful and unique! Happy Forever Fierce Day!

    Julie XO
    Fashion Trends and Friends

  5. Shauna, beautiful, powerful, empowered, genuine and authentic. That is what I am seeing in the women you have featured here…and ferocity! This has been such an amazing campaign and I have read so many beautiful stories of strength and overcoming struggles until we arrive at this most perfect place called midlife! Great post! Stay fierce, my friend!


  6. Thank you for sharing these stories of fabulous women at midlife. Midlife looks so different than when I was a kid, you are helping make that difference.

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