Basic Gray

This basic gray….works so well with my pink hair! This is another outfit I shopped from my closet. I hadn’t worn this sweater for a long time, but I’ve fallen in love with it all over again! It has now become my “go-to” for everything! Even….lounging around at home with my favorite sweat pants!!! I’ve got my tulle skirt on…a better look is here. It’s going to be so good with those new pink shoes, and they are ON SALE!!!!

Similars are here!


This next week, I’ll be going in for my haircut. Do you think I should keep this PINK going? I would love to know what YOU think!

Wishing you all a really happy weekend. I’m going to be at the Miss & Teen Utah International Pageant! Watch my stories….it’s been a new experience for me on all levels! But oh such fun, and the best part is I’ve met some AMAZING people along the way!


31 thoughts on “Basic Gray

  1. I loved your silver the best! Pink is an unexpected change but I would go back to what works so well for you! Have a wonderful weekend! Kathy

    1. I love the pink… but agree with these ladies .. and you’d probably look amazing with a beautiful purple blue..would be lovely with your silver..

      1. Hi Lesli, I think the most important thing to get, is that CHANGE is good…even if it is PINK hair!

  2. I loved your white hair best – the pink was a fun experiment, however, in my opinion, the white is trendy, fun and sophisticated. Love your blog and all the stylish ideas.

  3. You are so cute and I’ve always loved your hair. The pink is too distracting and I think unflattering. I personally don’t care for it.

  4. I liked the white Hair better, but I think you should do what makes you happy. You look beautiful either way. You are a classy Lady and look good in any color or any thing you wear. Stay true to your self.

  5. Shauna, you could rock a grocery bag on your head! Love the pink for a fun few week change, but love you most as the blonde. Lovely lady!

  6. I loved the silver but I LOVE the pink! Anything would suit you Shauna as you have the confidence to pull it off! You have inspired me to play with my hair colour again and believe me I have had people comment positively at the shopping centre as well as loving it in the mirror. I am just doing mine at home with pastel colours that wash out in about 5-8 washes & I just love the way it fades!

  7. Definitely keep the PINK! Your face looks so much more vibrant with it
    Sharon from Australia

  8. I absolutely loved this outfit when you first debuted the pink hair. It couldn’t have been more perfect. As for the hair, I think it still looks great…my vote is to keep it a little while longer. ?

  9. Keep the pink thru the spring!!! That’s my vote! U look great with it! So if u love it… Yolo!!!

  10. I think the pink is adorable and suits you! But I like the other colors as well. I love your style especially as a fellow petite lady

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