Wearing Metallics Like A Boss

wearing metallics like a boss

If there ever was a time to wear METALLICS, it’s now. Wearing them like a boss is so empowering! With Christmas right at our fingertips followed by the New Year celebrations, it’s a fabulous choice. I bet you might be a little intimidated with metallics…. yes? I can sometimes feel that way, but let’s talk about how to do it age appropriately and with STYLE!

As I’ve said with other things such as COLOR or PRINTS, if you’re not used to them, but still want to give them a try….. do it in little bits. You don’t need to go overboard with a certain look, nor should you. Wearing just a hint will ease you in to the trend very comfortably.

This particular look (above) may be considered a lot for many of you. For me it felt good. Remember if YOU feel UNCOMFORTABLE, you will LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE! It’s so true how that works. It’s similar to a hat…. don’t wear one if you feel awkward!

As we look forward to 2023 FASHION TRENDS, metallics will still be a big part of the FASHION WORLD. I think that’s wonderful news! Metallics are considered a NEUTRAL, which means you can put any color with them. That means it could be considered a BASIC or an ESSENTIAL as well! I’m so happy about this because I LOVE them!


STICK TO CLASSICS – a beautiful pleated skirt doesn’t get more classic. Pair it with a simple white button-down or a sweater and shimmer away!

METALLIC JEANS – will always be a modern and easy way to rock this look. There are so many to choose from. It’s a fun and edgy way to bring metallics in to your wardrobe. Go with a basic tee shirt, or a super frilly top and heels! And of course all your sweaters will look fantastic!

ACCESSORIES ARE A GOOD PLACE TO START – belts, bags, scarves and even hats are the easiest way to slip in to the metallic way! And don’t forget all the SHOES!!! Wearing metallics like a boss with your accessories will take your look up several notches!

wear metallics like a boss

METALLIC TOPS ARE EVERYWHERE – the tops that are available right now are such fun! This would be a little bolder way to show off metallics because it’s the most noticeable! HAVE FUN and tone them down with your FAVORITE JEANS!

GO BOLD WITH A BLAZER – when you really want to shine, GO BOLD with a sequin blazer. I would wear this the most with jeans and a tee shirt! But pair it with a basic pair of black trousers and flats and what a very fun LADY BOSS look!

wearing metallics like a boss


Wearing metallics like a boss, will be a sure way to get a spectacular reaction! If you’re nervous about them, follow my guidelines. There are no rules here really. Wear them any way you feel comfortable! Daytime or nighttime, dressed up or dressed down, it all works! They can be a fun diversion from the norm! Try them!

Shauna XO