BRIDGING THE GAP….yes that’s what we’re doing! We are smudging those lines between the generations, just as it should be! This is a special post today, as I’m part of this amazing campaign, Bridging The Gap, which connects midlife bloggers, with millennial bloggers. There are over 200 influencers that are taking part in this powerful campaign to break the barriers of age demographics, proving that we have much to offer one another. This campaign is making some noise and has brought to light in so many, how we are all just women with the same feelings, emotions, drive, and passions. We are here to learn and grow from each other, and that’s exactly what Jessica has done for me! She is my partner in this ride, and I’m so lucky to know her.

Meet my friend Jessica from @petitesylescript, who I met through Catherine Grace O. Catherine had told me about Jessica one day as I was telling her of some concerns I was having with Facebook. She said she had a friend that was really, really good with anything when it came to social media. So through Catherine’s introduction, me and Jessica arranged to talk to each other over the phone one evening. She couldn’t have been nicer, in explaining me through my problems! I was so impressed with her patience and willingness to talk to me, whom she had never met before. And Catherine was absolutely right….she really does know ALL about that kind of stuff! Just one of the many advantages of knowing a millennial!!! She has been very instrumental, along with many others, in helping Catherine bringing this Campaign to fruition!

As you look through Jessica’s Instagram and blog, you see a poised young woman, who has a classic sense about her style and perfect and flawless skin. She is even more sweet and kind and beautiful than her pictures tell!!!

As we’ve come to know each other, we’ve noticed some strong similarities between us!

We BOTH love taking care of our skin, and are in love with Dermalogica products!

We BOTH love anything AVEDA has to offer. She’s been a loyal customer for over 20 years…I know, she doesn’t look old enough does she?!

We BOTH are petite, 5’1″ which Jessica feels like she often gets overlooked because of her size! At 57 years old, I’m just used to it!

We BOTH have a passion for fashion!

We BOTH have a very quiet side to our personalities.

We BOTH love photography! Jessica is still learning, whereas I have been doing professional photography for the passed ten years! I LOVE that Jessica wants to learn just one more thing, pushing herself to be the best she can be!!! Yay Jessica!

And some of the big differences between us would be these…

We have very DIFFERENT backgrounds in education. Jessica has a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, and went on to do a post-graduate training program at the U of U to become a board-certified critical care pharmacist. Currently she is Assistant Professor and Critical Care Pharmacist. I have a high school education. I got married so young, I never went on to college. I’ve never worked outside the home. My greatest desire as a 19 year old girl, was to get married and have babies! It’s not a regret at all, although I definitely recognize the many advantages of a life after high school!

Her sense of style is focused more on the professional woman, with classic styles being her go-to, and easy-to-care for pieces! For myself, I’m not that practical. I’m all about what’s trending, color, prints, and anything girly!

Jessica has a twin sister (fraternal not identical) and two older half-sisters. I come from a family of ten children, and with that came from a very conservative background!

Jessica isn’t a mother yet. I have three sons and seven grandchildren.

So you see…..we have MUCH MORE IN COMMON, than we don’t! Jessica has always made me feel like I’m just as much a friend to her as one of her piers. She makes me feel very comfortable and valued. That’s what this campaign is all about. Embracing each other through our differences and respecting one another regardless of our age and life experiences! There’s no question in my mind that Jessica will go a LONG way in her life. She’s driven, passionate, and goal oriented which makes for a winning combination!!! I have learned from her, looked up to her, and am so appreciative for how she has helped me! Hope you ENJOY getting to know her as much as I have!!!

This picture was taken in New York while we were both there in September for Fashion Week!



8 thoughts on “We Are BRIDGING the GAP!

  1. Terrific collaboration! Makes me think “though they be but little THEY are mighty!!”

  2. What a beautiful post, Shauna! It really touched my heart! You are the sweetest person because your compassion and genuineness come out through your words and pictures. I loved reading about Jessica too. She seems very sweet and her kindness throws that millennial stereotype out the window. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful week. 🙂


  3. Hi Lizzy, thank YOU! It’s such a beautiful thing to have friends of ALL AGES in your life, to learn and grow from!!! Jessica is truly a gem!!! XO

    1. Jodie….THANK YOU!!! YOU have worked yourself so hard throughout this whole campaign! Thank you for being such a leader….dependable, sweet, helpful…..everything!!!! XO

  4. Shauna, I live with my very own Millennial and like you I think they’re an amazing generation of young women with so much to share. My daughter has a working background of Social Media and that is creating a stronger bond between us as she is just starting to put a fashion blog together while I learn more and more about the joys and pitfalls of modern technology. We’re helping each other along the way which is empowering for us both. Thanks for this lovely post – you two women have clearly bonded!
    I love your instagram feed too; you totally rock xxx

  5. Hi Shauna, I have friends of all ages and we get along so good the younger women keep me young and I make the older women get on the dance floor lol, because age is just a number right?

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