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Hey friends!!!

For those following me for a while now, know that I’m a huge fan of Anthropologie! I love being in their stores….anywhere! The vibe is such fun! The decor, the aroma, and of course all the clothing! It just speaks to me! I’ve been a fan from before they even came to Utah!

I’ve had many friends through the years tell me that they don’t feel they can shop Anthropologie stores….too young and intimidating! But I say NO, NO, NO! There is no reason to be intimidated by these beautiful stores! There are AMAZING pieces in there, and there’s always a way to style something to fit YOUR personality! I have things in my closet that are years and years old from Anthro. Their clothing is unique, and girly, colorful and playful, and simply yummy!

I will be hosting a STYLING EVENT tomorrow at my local Anthropologie store, here in Salt Lake. I’m so excited to be able to be a part of this! It’s going to be laid-back and casual, lots of snacks and sips, along with a SPECIAL DISCOUNT offered to anyone who comes!!! Wo!!!!! Don’t miss out on this deal!


Hosted by me…..ChicOver50

Thursday, October 19th


Salt Lake City, City Creek Center

I’ll be there to chat with you, shop with you, and help you STYLE yourself to a tee!!! Please join me for the FUN!

Sweatshirt (ON SALE TOO)  |  Similar Jeans  |  Similar Scarf  |  Similar Earrings  |  Boots


5 thoughts on “Anthro Styling Event

  1. I been following you for about a year! I love everything about you. You give me hope in my mid 50s. Please come to Denver.

    1. I would LOVE to visit Denver!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH Jan! You’re really sweet! Remember….age is just a number!!!! XOXOXO

  2. I am nearing 60 and I am also a huge fan of Anthro. I like that they have a fun, young vibe but are also very wearable. And I love the way you put their items together.

    1. Hi Monica! YES!!! You’re absolutely right about Anthro….I wish more women our age thought the same!!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! xo

  3. So excited that I was able to purchase the sweatshirt…with pearls! I checked right away with your initial post and it was sold out. I kept checking back…and success! Thanks for sharing links to all your wonderful chic outfits!

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