Kimono Grunge

This is my interpretation of KIMONO GRUNGE….my favorite way to wear them, with my ripped up jeans and a tee-shirt! Kimonos are not only a big thing in Japan, but huge everywhere when it comes to fashion! I’m really loving them too! There are so many ways to wear them. In my last post I wore this particular one over a velvet dark floral skirt. The pattern play was beautiful. This one worked great for me because of the length. Remember I’m 5’1″. Sometimes I add 1/2″ to that depending on how much I want to type!!! Lol! But Kimonos add such a dramatic look to ANY outfit! I’ll be talking about this one on Good Things Utah, my local TV talk show on Tuesday morning from 9-10 am.

My top 10 ways to wear a Kimono…

  1. over a maxi, midi, or mini dress
  2. with a skirt
  3. to the office with some dress pants
  4. as a jacket
  5. to the beach or pool over a swimsuit
  6. with shorts or cutoffs
  7. with jeans, jeans, ANY style of jeans
  8. with a dress and a  fabulous belt
  9. dressed up or down
  10. or with some silky joggers

Have a great week everyone! Tomorrow I’ll be participating in one of the biggest social media campaigns ever….BRIDGING THE GAP! There will be over 200 Millennial and Midlife influencers partnering together in an effort to blur the lines between the generations! Stay tuned….it’s going to be pretty amazing!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Kimono Grunge

  1. Love the Kimono, and those earrings, they rrrrrock, where can I get those gorgeous earrings?

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