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A long long time ago…..about 20+ years, something like that, I got this ESCADA jacket. I hope you can see the DETAIL of every single hand-sewn bloom and pearl. Way back then I was in LOVE with color too! You see it’s always been a part of ME! This now is considered “vintage” and I would love to be able to pass it along to one of my beautiful granddaughters some day! I like getting it out at least once every spring to wear it! It’s very fun! I think it would look beautiful with a simple white pencil skirt and plain white top! Do you agree? How would YOU wear it???

I don’t shop vintage very much, but hear that it’s great fun! Maybe that could be a future blog post??! If you shop vintage, let me know where you go! It would make a really fun hobby! I’ve heard women say that it’s sort of the THRILL of finding something AMAZING and UNIQUE and FABULOUS that makes it so fun! Here is an article that you might find interesting if you’re one who would like to start shopping vintage! It has some really good information!!!

When I met Lyn from @iconaccidental back in NYC last summer, one of the things I remember her telling me, was that she loved shopping in vintage stores. She said that she has had great success in finding beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost! I just may have to take this up! And a very big plus is that you won’t look like anyone else!!!

Have an amazing week! I have a busy one. Below will be where I’ll be! Hope to see you somewhere!!!!!!

CHANEL at City Creek Center |  SLC Utah  |  Thursday April 12th  |  6:30-8

CHICOS How Bold Are You  |  Chicago Water Tower Place  |  Friday April 13th  |  4:30-6:30


10 thoughts on “Vintage Blooms

  1. WOW! You look stunning in that jacket and guaranteed you won’t see anyone else in it being vintage. Probably 70% of my wardrobe in vintage; for me, the ‘hunt’ is so much fun & some of the best finds are beautifully home-made garments that someone has lovingly created copying the fashions of the day. Guaranteed you will get a one off item this way. It is getting harder and harder to find good pieces here in Australia and probably the same in the US but when you do find something it tends to stay in your wardrobe forever.

    1. Hi Sharon…I REALLY want to start the hunt! I LOVE that you are expert!!!! I’m not sure how hard they are to find here in the USA because I’ve never really vintage shopped! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. I love the jacket and I think it is perfectly paired with those pieces you chose. The jacket does and has to take center stage. I’m sure the photos don’t do the jacket justice, that being said you can get a sense of the workmanship on the jacket. So sad that thing are not make with that kind of commitment to quality and pride. Yes, I can see why you treasure this piece

    1. Hi Cheryl… really is a “SPECIAL” one!!! I know, where is that quality anymore??? XO

  3. This jacket is beyond gorgeous!! I would wear it with skinny white jeans and some fun coloured booties.

    1. Yes I absolutely need a leer jet Friday morning…….pray for good weather for me!!! XO

  4. Beautiful jacket! One of a kind pieces would be so much fun to add to my wardrobe. My have to check out shopping vintage clothing!

  5. Beautiful! I have the very same taste in clothes that you do , I have very short hair and I’m 63 years old. You are my fashion inspiration. Only thing different, you have that tiny waist and flat abs. I struggle in that area. What are you doing to keep your figure? I only wear size 4 but can’t. get your look around my waist. You look AMAZING!

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