Vests Are All The Rage


Hello friends…. just a really quick and short blog here on VESTS, because I’m loving this trend right now! I’ve seen so many cute ones and wanted to share before they are sold out! And it seems like when I think I’ve found all there is to find, another cute one shows up!

There are some strong opinions out there on vests. Most of the negative comments are that they look too “high school” and too juvenile. They can definitely look that way depending on how they are styled….. just like anything else. Knowing how to style them so they look age appropriate is really important with vests!

I’ve shown you MY THREE FAVORITES here in this reel. The yellow flower one is a soft knit and the button details on the side are darling! The second one in the bright green is also a knit and has a snug fit. The third is a basic white with the cutest back design to it. This will go with A LOT!


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I like vests worn the best with a high-rise pair of jeans or pants. Even with a skirt, a vest can look really cute. You can wear your shirt tucked or untucked. In my REEL I’ve worn the first tee untucked with the yellow vest. This is a great way to camouflage your hips, by wearing a longer top underneath. The vest will bring it all in for you.

To make a vest look more age appropriate, pair it with things that are very classic. For example a white button-down shirt, a blazer, a conservative pair of jeans, and heels. Make it more fun and trendy by wearing it with some rugged jeans and sneakers. There are ways to wear vests for all ages. BUT….. if you don’t like vests, then skip past this trend and wait for the next one!!! Vests are all the rage now, but next week it could be something totally different!

Shauna XO