Five Spring Must Haves

Five Spring Must Haves


As we approach spring, it’s time to start thinking about what we might want to add to our wardrobes. If you were to choose FIVE things, what would they be? It’s very important to do an inventory check BEFORE you start shopping for key pieces! Take some time to go through and notice what you wear most. Remember that we all wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. What are those things you pull out over and over again?

I think spring and fall are the best seasons to shop and for sure the most fun! For me, I put quite a bit of thought in to what I buy, but I also don’t buy my clothing in outfits. What I mean is, I shop for pieces that I LOVE. I shop for COLORS that look good on me, silhouettes that flatter my body, and comfort! If I do this, the new things I purchase WILL ALWAYS mix in to what is already in my closet!


I wanted to show you what I THINK are the five most important things to have for all of your spring looks. These can be worn many different ways and will take you all the way through your summer months. I’ve chosen five for each category…… LIGHT DENIM, WHITE TOP, NEUTRAL SANDALS, COLORFUL SKIRT, and a FLORAL TOP.







So how can you get the most out of your five spring must haves? Wear the jeans with the floral tops, wear the tops with your favorite denim shorts, wear the white tops with anything, wear the skirts with all your tees, and the denim goes everywhere! Pick a pair of sandals that are feminine enough to wear with a skirt, but then can go with your denim as well. Spring and summer are the time to think JUXTAPOSITION! Styling your casual things with classic and dressy pieces, together in to one look. For example skirts with tees and sneakers, or jeans with a tee and heels.

Learning how to MAXIMIZE your wardrobe and mix it all about, is so liberating! I’m still working on it. Slowly I’m trading out less used pieces to ones I will wear 80% of the time!

Shauna XO

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8 thoughts on “Five Spring Must Haves

  1. I totally agree on buying pieces of clothing that you can mix and match. You look like a doll in your spring outfit. Thanks for the great ideas.

    1. Melesa I think now more than ever, we are looking at getting the VERY MOST out of our clothing! I’m so happy you stopped by….. THANK YOU! Wishing you a great weekend!!!! XO

      1. Thank you Kathy….. wishing you a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. I never learned how to do that mix and match clothes, every time I buy a Top I have to buy the bottom to go with it to make a Outfit. That’s how I end up with a lot of double clothes in my closet. We moved to our Ranch and are having a smaller House build. As soon as it is done I think I am going to get some help with my Wardrobe and get rid of a lot .Thank you for always having good Ideas. I love your Blog Thank you

    1. Rita…… I would LOVE to help you with your clothes and closet when you are ready! It’s seriously so liberating when you can look in your closet and EVERYTHING in there YOU LOVE! I think shopping for pieces that you love is a much better idea, but honestly everyone is different! Whatever makes sense to you, do it! Just remember TO KNOW HOW TO STYLE (whatever you buy) THREE WAYS! Xoxoxoxo

    1. Hello Nina…. thank you! This tee is from Anthropologie from last season. SORRY not available anymore! Thank you for stopping in…. come back again soon! XO

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