My Pixie Styled Down

My pixie styled down


My pixie haircut has probably gotten the most attention of anything else, when it comes to being on social media. I remember several years ago, someone emailed me and said, “YOU need to have your own Pinterest account, because you are all over it!” I had no idea! I didn’t know much about Pinterest, but sure enough…. when you search THIS you can probably find my picture in there somewhere! So…… PINTEREST was born for CHIC OVER 50!



There are always so many opinions out there about my pixie. Wear it styled UP! You should wear it styled DOWN! It seems like the opinions are always very strong too…. and of course yes, I do get bad comments about my hair if you can believe it! LOL! I believe everyone can have their opinion, and unless it’s just super rude and mean, I will leave it up without deleting.

I’ve mostly always had some sort of a pixie. My hair looks really bad when it’s long. I’m much more comfortable in a pixie as it really suits my personality more, and I believe it’s much easier than long hair. Recently I went on a weekend trip with a girlfriend who has long hair, and she has to plan when she washes it! I can’t even imagine, but I guess if you have long hair, you just get used to what you have to do to take care of it.


So back to my PIXIE. You can watch a REEL right here of me with my pixie styled down. People think that there is a lot that goes in to me styling it, but really that’s not true. I mostly finger dry it and use product and it’s done. Not much to it at all! And I have to say that the PRODUCTS you use are very important!

You’ll be able to see in this REEL, which way is my favorite way to wear it! It may not be what you think or it may be exactly what you think. I love though that it’s versatile and easy and sassy and OH SO FUN!!!!!

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Shauna XO

Currently I’m using THESE PRODUCTS BELOW to style my pixie. HOVER and CLICK!

16 thoughts on “My Pixie Styled Down

  1. I have an apt tomorrow with a dozen screenshots of your Darlin Pixie and I’m super excited about it… I’m not delusional, I know that I will not look like you but, I’m gonna give it a shot!!! Long Hair controls you!!! To mature to be controlled 😝

    1. Julia YAY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so cool!!!!! I’m so happy for you! PLEASE let me know how it goes! XO

  2. I love your pixie, especially styled up! I also have mostly always had a pixie because long hair seemed to overpower me and was also just too much work! Which of your products adds shine? I have tried shine spray but do not like how they smell and leave the bathroom counter sticky.

        1. Kathy don’t you hate it when YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT gets discontinued?!! Ugh! Take care and good luck! And…. let me know! XO

  3. I’ve had short hair for years, every style possible! I now wear my hair like yours, and I love it! I get lots of complements! You’re right, it’s short, fun and sassy! I tell women who say they wish they could wear their hair like mine, to try it! I’ve actually let my hair go naturally gray and get many compliments on the color as well!

    1. Shawn that’s awesome….. can you imagine LONG HAIR??? I’m telling you I wouldn’t know what in the heck to do with it!!!! And not having to color it is an added bonus!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and come back again soon!!! XO

    1. Holly THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This means so much to me! You take care and come back again soon! XO

  4. Love the earrings! They really stand out against your cute pixie cut. Where did you find them?

  5. Hi I love everything about you! You have inspired me the second I found you about a year ago, I go way back and try and read all your blogs from the very beginning! I have been trying to get my hair like yours but oh my gosh nobody seems to understand how to do it, am I explaining it wrong lol! I will try a different stylist and show your pictures. One question I finally let my hair go grey but I just don’t like the color grey it is, it’s too white. Any suggestions on what to get or do to get it a darker grey? I look too old I think with it so white. I have been coloring my hair since I was 19 years old!! (53 now) Sorry so long but you are the most beautiful, amazing lady I have followed and feel like your talking right to me!! Take care and thank you!!

    1. Sheila wow thank you for such a lovely comment! It’s funny because more women want their hair to be more white and not more gray! I’m not sure how to achieve what you’re looking for besides going to. a really excellent colorist. As far as the cut goes, taking pictures to your stylist is the best way. Sometimes if your hair isn’t the same texture as the cut you’re going for, it won’t ever look exactly like the picture. My hair is fairly thick and does have a lot of body in it. But I do believe that there is a way to get close to the look by using the right hair products. I would just keep trying different ones, until you’ve found what you like. Going to your stylist and having them use different products so you can see how they work, is a good way to try without actually buying them. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Thank you again for stopping by, and come back again VERY SOON! XO

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me! You are so very encouraging! I’ll keep reading all your great blogs! You are so inspirational thank you again!!

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