Very Important Information About Your Health

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Very important information about your health about lung screening.

Some very important information about your health today friends! I’m partnering with Genentech for the Screen Your Lungs campaign to bring to you this very informative post. As we all know, HEALTH IS HAPPINESS. With each year, I realize more and more what this truly means. Our health is everything, and I’m sure that ALL of us have had times in our lives, where we haven’t taken care of health as good as we should have.

Speaking from a bit of a personal experience…… my parents were smokers. They were both young teenagers when they started and smoked until they were well in to their marriage. My mother used to tell us the story that she was so addicted to her smokes, that she smoked in the bathtub!!! It’s sort of funny….. but NOT FUNNY!

They had gotten themselves in to a bad habit, and it wasn’t until my mama was pregnant with her fifth child, (I was five years old) that she realized this probably wasn’t good for the baby. She told my dad one day, “I’m going to quit.” He went to work thinking there was NO WAY that was going to happen!

Well, much to his surprise, when he got home and asked her, she told him that she hadn’t touched a cigarette the whole day…… and NEVER EVER did! This then inspired and helped him kick the habit as well. I can’t even imagine my parents smoking because they lived very healthy lives.

As a society, we are much wiser now on the effects of smoking. I’m here today, to get some information out there that could SAVE LIVES! According to the LUNGevity Foundation, Lung cancer has THE HIGHEST mortality rate of all cancers! WOW….. I had no idea! And did you know that lung cancer is more likely to be successfully treated! In fact, by detecting it in its early stages, it can make the survival rate as HIGH as 90%!

This is why this information about your health IS SO IMPORTANT for people who are at high-risk….. go and get a lung scan. The SCREEN YOUR LUNGS CAMPAIGN is working very hard to break down the barriers that our culture has created, surrounding lung cancer.

I’m always so surprised at how many people still smoke. I was just in Hawaii and it was everywhere! Anyone can be at risk, even if you weren’t a smoker. However, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends those with a history of smoking who are aged 50 to 80 to get a lung scan. This campaign is to encourage YOU, to check with your doctor, to discuss your personal history and see if you’re eligible for a lung scan.

PLEASE visit this link to learn more about screening and if YOU are eligible and how it works!

For those who are at high risk, getting screened as soon as possible will INCREASE their odds of recognizing the presence of lung cancer when it can be more easily treated! It’s a no-brainer!

Learn what you can do about LUNG SCREENING. Friends, please find out if YOU or your LOVED ONES are eligible for lung screening. Do not hesitate in TAKING CONTROL over your health! Your future self will THANK YOU!


I hope that this VERY IMPORTANT information about your health will help you take a second look at how it relates to you and your family! Take care friends!

Shauna XO

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