When Does Fashion Get Too Expensive?

When does fashion get too expensive?


Ladies I feel like this is a sensitive and very personal topic….. that of EXPENSE and clothing. Oftentimes when I post something people will request that I find something less expensive or more budget friendly. I would dare say that most women stick to a budget when shopping for their clothing, and that’s probably a good thing.

Today my question to you is…. when does clothing get too expensive? How much are you willing to pay for something that you really love? If money wasn’t an issue…. would you still be conscientious about how much you are spending on clothes?

When I was a young girl, and because I’ve always loved clothes and spent all of my babysitting money on them, my mama would say to me…. “There will come a day when you won’t be able to do that.” That never really came to pass for me. I’ve always been lucky to be able to spend pretty much what I wanted for clothing, but always within reason. I really do have a conservative side to me, and compared to many other fashionistas out there, I’m only taking two other closets besides my own, to hold my clothing.

When does fashion get too expensive

When does fashion get too expensive

But back to the point…. how much is too much?

So what are your guidelines? Are you willing to spend a little more if you REALLY LOVE IT? What about a child or grandchild’s wedding? What about a special anniversary or vacation? THIS brand I’m wearing today Robert Graham, is considered very high end. You may have seen their men’s shirts with the contrasting prints and fun colors. They are a brand that absolutely LOVES COLOR!

This is how I look at it…… IF I can find something in MY COLORS and that has a classic silhouette, and also something I can wear multiple ways, and that I LOVE, then I’m usually IN! Like these pieces: the DRESS, the JOGGERS, and the HOODIE.

The dress can be worn as a kimono, or a dress, or over a swimsuit poolside. It’s a fantastic dress to travel with! The jogger set is a no brainer to me. Wear them together for a WOW IMPACT, or separate…… SO MANY WAYS! This set is a BLAST! The  joggers and hoodie are fantastic in my eyes!


When does fashion get too expensive FOR ME? IF…… I really can’t afford it, it’s not good colors or a good shape on me, or if it isn’t versatile. That’s how I decide. If money wasn’t an object, I would probably think the same way. Just remember that the clothing in your closet HAS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AND HAS TO BE FUNCTIONAL!!!!!

Shauna XO


8 thoughts on “When Does Fashion Get Too Expensive?

  1. Since I amassed a closet full of classic clothes during my career, I have basic items that I still wear. Too those I add sweaters and tops in fun colors and prints, with an occasional casual dress or skirt. I likely have too many denim jeans, but I love them. I have three shops that I like and I wait for sales. I have paired my wardrobe down considerably and only have one extra closet that I rotate seasonal changes to. I do not bring anything new in, unless I sent 1-2 items out.

    1. Kathy you’ve got it down girl! SIMPLIFYING is so liberating! I try to go by a similar rule of when I buy something new, something must go! Sometimes I’m good at that, but not always! Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a very lovely weekend! XO

  2. I love this topic. I am willing to spend more for something I love but it seldom happens. I’ve learned through trial and error that my style is fairly simplistic. Solids with accents through accessories. I’ve amassed enough basics and accessories (I rotate through two closets seasonally) so now my challenge is to continue finding new combinations with what I already have. I think that’s one reason I enjoy your stye, Shauna; it’s very different from mine but it is uniquely you.

    1. Hi Dawn thank you for stopping by! I love your ideas and ways here. Using what we already have is really so important! It’s such a nice feeling knowing that you are maximizing the clothing in your closet! Hope to hear from you again….. THANKS AGAIN my friend! XO

  3. I love to dress up and accessorize! It makes me feel confident and fun. Although I am on a budget and love to thrift shop and wait for sales, if I find something I love from a unique boutique I will splurge 😍 I feel since I do normally budget shop I can afford to cut loose once in a while and it’s always worth it! Plus it never fails, I always get the most compliments on that outfit!

    1. Rhonda it sounds like you have the perfect formula for splurging just at the right time! I would have to think that doing that makes things feel more special! Thank you so much for chiming in here and come back again soon!!!! XO

  4. I also have a very simple style. I can afford nice things but I need to 100% love it. Coincidently, purchased a dress last week for a nieces wedding.
    Pros- color, shape and style
    Cons- price, no other plans to wear it.
    It’s going to be returned today.

    1. Dee LOVE your discipline girl! Sometimes I’M THE WORST!!!! Way to go! Hope you find that perfect dress! Have a wonderful week and thank you for your comment! XO

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