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How do you all feel about fast food? What is fast food? Is a smoothie location considered fast food? I am not really a fast food girl. I’m very particular about how I spend my calories, and so it has to be something I LOVE, and it has to be something that I would consider on the healthy side. I’m not a fan of a greasy hamburger!!!! I remember years ago, my boys were determined to get me to like their favorite burger joint. I finally gave in and… was AWFUL! So I pretty much stay away from them. But wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there was an option for us that was fast, easy, healthier, and DELICIOUS??? We are all on the go most of the time, and so to have this at our fingertips is really convenient!

Have you ever heard of Tropical Smoothie Cafe?! I hadn’t until the other day, and OH, OH and OH!!!! I thought it was just another smoothie place, but they have food too! I’m such a fan of not only their smoothies, but their NEW pressed sandwiches! They have just been introduced to their menu, and are FABULOUS!!!!! This one is the Chicken Caprese and was over-the-top DELICIOUS!!!! It had grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, pesto spread, tomato, and balsamic glaze. And paired with my green Avocolada smoothie, it made for the perfectly fabulous dinner!!! I enjoyed every single sip and bite! I’ll definitely be back…..and just maybe tomorrow!!! Yep! It was THAT good!

So, if you’re out and about, and need a quick bite to eat that’s DELICIOUS… should stop on in to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. You won’t be disappointed friends!!!!!!



6 thoughts on “Tropical Smoothie Cafe

  1. Sounds delicious! I will have to find one, I’m a lot like you, if I’m going to eat out, I want fresh and real food!

  2. I see there is one on 78th S and 1300 E. Would this be good for girls lunch? xoxoxox

  3. As I age, I’m finding my palate is becoming more sophisticated. I’m more choosey with what I eat. No desire to eat at fast food restaurants. BUT that’s not to say I wouldn’t or haven’t blown a days worth of calories on a meal that wasn’t absolutely worth it!!! Although I wouldn’t live each day as such. “When inRome…”

    Smoothies are the best, especially this time of year, to snack on or when you sometimes don’t want a heavy meal. I don’t care what’s in it. I will drink it!!!

  4. Cheryl…..and THIS smoothie was SO DELICIOUS!!!! My littles even loved it!!!!!! XO

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