Tropical Smoothie Cafe Holiday Style

Are any of you feeling the rush of the HOLIDAY madness?? We are now in to December, and the lists are growing and growing with all the tasks at hand! I love it, the excitement and energy everywhere, but it can feel so overwhelming too! And for me…..when I start to feel the pressures I sometimes don’t take time to eat! Tropical Smoothie Cafe is the perfect solution!

Right now they are featuring their tasty HOLIDAY SMOOTHIES, the Very Berry Cranberry OR the Cranberry Truffle! Both oh SO CRAVEABLE!!! While I was out the other day I stopped in and picked one up for my car. I sipped on it all afternoon while I was out running my errands! It was such a great pick-me-up!

This time of year it’s so important to take care of ourselves, by fueling it correctly. Tropical Smoothie Cafe uses core pantry ingredients, which are always fresh and the best quality! I’m SO GLAD that there are healthier alternatives out there to choose from! Choosing wisely how we feed our bodies makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in how we feel! And feeling good as we go through the holiday season is EVERYTHING!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has become one of my favorite places to stop in for a quick bite. Their quesadillas and pressed sandwiches are most delicious too! I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied with your HOLIDAY SMOOTHIE! They are just a little bit tart and a little bit sweet! They really do hit the spot!

Hope you all are truly ENJOYING the season……there’s so much to LOVE about all the hustle and bustle out there! Remember to fuel your bodies with healthy alternatives! Tis the season for TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFE’S HOLIDAY SMOOTHIES!!!! Go ahead and indulge friends….you won’t be sorry!

Shauna XO


4 thoughts on “Tropical Smoothie Cafe Holiday Style

  1. Everytime I see you with this drink I think I should try it sometime – but I don’t! xoxo

    1. Mom! We should go there some time! I think you and dad would really love their food too! XO

  2. Love those boots, you are always looking Fab. Enjoy the Hoildays, I feel the same as you I love all the hustle and bustle this time of year.. Absolutely love the Holiday Season, and the Holiday fashion. ..

    1. Joanne thank you for your comment! The HOLIDAYS are nothing short of MAGICAL! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! XOXO

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