Treating Myself To A Vanilla Gift Card

Treating myself to a VANILLA GIFT CARD is a necessity every now and then. Friends, I know that our shopping habits have truly shifted in the last few months. I’ve been more careful about what I’m spending, and have been spending it mostly online. It’s safe and convenient. But who is missing the actual SHOPPING TRIPS like I am? The store fronts, the stops for a drink or some lunch…. these are times that I’ve really missed sharing with my friends!

There’s nothing like shopping the REAL stores and businesses. AND….. they need us to shop them! Our economy thrives on US to keep them afloat and working. I live in small town in Southern Utah. We have the cutest little shops here, along with delicious cafes and diners. It’s been fun wandering these sidewalks and getting to know all of these local shops!

The VANILLA GIFT CARD is a gift you can give to yourself OR to others. I have several grandkids now, that prefer a gift card as opposed to an actual wrapped gift. This is the perfect gift for them, because then they can use it on whatever they’re in to at the moment! I personally don’t use a lot of credit when I shop, but save this one…… my VANILLA CARD for special occasions, like SUPPORTING MY LOCAL BUSINESSES!!!!

What better gift can you give to your loved ones than this? It’s a treat EVEN FOR ME, to get a gift card that I can use ANYWHERE!!! And….. I love to have it for those special times when I do feel like treating myself to a little something!!!!!

So treating myself to a VANILLA GIFT CARD is so good for the soul. Getting out….. in a mask, can revitalize me like nothing else can!

You can buy yours here.

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Treating Myself To A Vanilla Gift Card

  1. Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed the time with your hubby! You must have read my mind. We are having a rainy cold spell here in Iowa and it hit me how I really miss shopping although my husband said that considering the UPS driver’s second home is our house, I am not missing out on anything. Online just isn’t the same. It wasn’t that I bought something every time it was just the social aspect, seeing what was new, being in the hustle and bustle, stopping for a coffee…everything you said, you nailed it on the head! It’s all about the sights, sounds, smells and taste and I want it all!!

    1. Michelle….. I know! I miss ALL OF IT! But I guess one good thing is that we will all APPRECIATE the simple things in life, right? Thanks for your comment and wishing you A GREAT WEEK! XO

  2. I’ve been out but it’s not the same relaxed feeling of before. I’m more aware of not touching everything! I love to touch and feel the fabrics! Especially soft and cozy items. Stopping for a latte has to be outside and the last time it was just too cool to sit out! I hope things return to normal soon!🙏

    1. Cathy….. I can’t wait for some NORMAL as well. I’m pretty lucky where I live, but still would love to not have to worry about a MASK! Take care girl! XO

  3. Thank you for posting the sensitive subject of being judged without even getting or allowing to be known! Your judge on appearance or how much you have in your pocketbook. Education or your position in a company. Why? Is it insecurities or misleading information or hurtfulness? An eye for an eye….I don’t know, but it does HURT! Judge my character and demeanor. My ethics and professionalism, get to know ME! I truly enjoy your posts and insight! You’re coming from a good place, your sweet, kind heart! Thank you for being YOU!

    1. Maria….. how KIND of you! It’s such a damaging thing, and I don’t think people really realize! It’s so easy to go there! Human nature!! I just always say to myself…. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU! Wishing you a lovely week! XO

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