Kimonos Are Especially FUN To Wear!

Out of any other time of the year, NOW IS WHEN….. kimonos are especially FUN to wear! Why you ask? Well, because summer sometimes can feel too hot to have another long layer over whatever it is you have on. During the winter time they aren’t warm enough, and spring time is the 2nd best time to wear them, but can still feel too cold out for a kimono.

I LOVE my little kimono collection, and I love that they are like collecting pieces of art! Most of mine are bright and colorful which is my favorite kind! The one here in this picture was maybe the first one I ever had…. at least ONE of the first ones! The colors are so fallish, and with the deep purple in this one….. I think it pairs beautifully with a dark denim!

This picture is actually vintage, but I wanted to use it to show you all how cute kimonos are with your favorite denim shorts! You could wear a tee, or a button down like I have, or even a simple little camisole if you like those. I gravitated to the stripes, because of my love for PATTERN MIXING!

My tip for buying a kimono, if you’ve never had one before and would like one, is to buy one with a lot of colors. I think that makes them more versatile! With this, I would maybe wear some skinny wine colored jeans, or perhaps a wide flare high-waisted pair of jeans, or I’d even wear it with all white underneath! That would be a gorgeous look….. and YES you CAN wear white after Labor Day!

Look at this BEAUTIFUL selection below….

Kimonos really are so fun to wear! They feel a bit dramatic and a bit girly…. and super fun to twirl in!!! And I LOVE to twirl! So get yours out and wear them through the fall season for some fabulous STYLE!!!!! Kimonos are especially fun to wear….. and I will definitely be getting mine out and putting them to good use! I may even take one with me to the Lake this week as a coverup!

I’ll be out for about a week, on a special getaway! I’m coming up on ONE YEAR with my NEW HUSBAND…. so we want to go celebrate! I won’t be posting much because we’ll have very little internet, but I’ll be back soon! Take care friends!

Shauna XO

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10 thoughts on “Kimonos Are Especially FUN To Wear!

  1. I am glad to know I am not alone as I have quite a collection as well. JC Sunny has beautiful ones that are like wearing art work. I love to throw one over a little plain t shirt dress or jeans and a tee. They add color and personality! I was feeling indulgent when I counted mine up but thanks now I feel better!! They make awesome gifts too!

    1. Michelle….. YES A GREAT GIFT IDEA!!!! They fit anyone, and I think is something that ANYONE would LOVE! Thank you for your comment! XO

  2. Hello from Toms River , NJ;)
    Enjoy each Sunday reading your inspirational stories. Your style is so inspirational as well as your attitude. I try to explain to my daughters why I “dress up” daily…. when you feel great? You do great things!

    1. Donna…. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so glad! I feel so much the same, in that when you’re dressed and ready you ACCOMPLISH MORE and just FEELING BETTER is much better than not!!! Every once in a while is ok, but NOT MOST OF THE TIME! Thanks girl! XO

  3. Can you please help me find low rise or semi low rise pants, slacks, jeans. I have a very short rise and even petites are too high waisted. I love you clothes and have shopped with your guidance. I’m 5’1” and 28 inseam thanks very much

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