Tips On What I’m Doing While Social Distancing

Hey friends! I’m just here at home…. again.. working, and wanted to share my tips on what I’m doing while social distancing. Are you feeling CRAY-CRAY yet? I’m doing great, but that’s because I’m still busy and still have my family close by. I’m so grateful for my work that not only keeps me very busy, but also keeps me focused on everything but!

It has been so fun reading about what everyone is doing to get through COVID-19. Each family is a little different in what they like to do. I feel like by now we should all be in to somewhat of a groove? I hope so! The more of a schedule we can be on THE BETTER!

The picture above is some of WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING TO BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!!!! There are two bloggers out of Chicago that I’ve been friends with from almost the beginning. Shirley @myfavoritethings25 and Heidi @heidelore. They are the sweetest girls and so supportive of me! They had posted a picture of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn along with their interpretation of the picture….. BELOW.

Audrey Hepburn is my FAVORITE old-time actress. I LOVE the way she looks, and so when I saw my friends post this, I HAD TO DO THE SAME! And let me tell you……. it was so much harder than you’d think! But what I took from this more than anything else, is that I had SO MUCH FUN doing it! Being creative has always been a big part of who I am. Now more than ever, I have the time to be creative and really dig in to some fun activities!

But outside of taking selfies….. LOL… we have been doing a lot of really fun things! I wanted to share them with you here!

1~ PUZZLES We’ve had more fun putting together puzzles. There’s something about a puzzle that is so satisfying! We’ve had great conversations over the puzzle pieces! And…. we’re on our third one!!!

2~ HIKING There’s nothing more refreshing than a gorgeous hike! I’m hoping that there is some way for you all to get out and enjoy nature outside of your home! Getting out and moving has never been more appreciated!!!!!!! THIS sort of a bag is perfect for hiking! Big enough to hold your water, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, phone and you can wipe it down afterwards!

3~ GOLFING This has been MY FAVORITE thing we’ve done since Cororna-19! Our courses are open still. The only thing different is that they have spaced the groups further apart! It is SO GOOD for the soul! I LOVE GOLFING! And…. if you are a golfer, you must get some of these PINK balls!

4~ COOKING You should all know by now that cooking isn’t my fave! But I’ve been doing it a little bit more. In fact me and my husband’s cute daughter made some peanut butter cookies and posted it on my Instagram Stories under the highlight of COOKING! They are SO GOOD TOO, and only three ingredients! IF I had an apron like THIS, I might like to cook more? LOL!

5~ WRITING IN MY JOURNAL Now more than ever is a great time to write in your journal. It’s an interesting time to journal about and one that you should be documenting! I do mine on-line with this app called DAY ONE. This is the #1 journaling app, and is so convenient because you can do it on your phone. You can write a little or a lot! I then email myself a copy so I can file it away.

6~ WORKING OUT I’ve written about all this in this blog. I’m STILL in LOVE with my new Bowflex! It’s giving me the workout I’ve been used to getting at the gym!

7~ VOLLEYBALL This was so fun but SO HARD! I never knew that volleyball was so challenging! I was horrible! When we went we were just by ourselves and CLOSE family, and we don’t have any outdoor restrictions …. yet! Here is a great inexpensive set you could buy for your own backyard! It has everything in it that you’d need!

8~ FACETIMING This is not only good for me, but for my littles! It helps us all feel connected with each other. I live a few hours away from mine now, so we’ve been FaceTiming a LOT since I’ve been married. It’s allowed me to still be a part of their lives! Also you should get the app called Marco Polo! This is a video app you can talk to your loved ones on. You tape what you want to say and they can pick up the message anytime! We love it! It’s also the app that I use with my assistant!

9~ ORGANIZING Talk about feeling good about yourself! I’ve done a LOT of cleaning out lately. IT IS SO LIBERATING!!!! I’ve taken my clothing to consignment shops and given it to my family too. One of my granddaughters actually almost fits in to my clothes and LOVES it when I give her a new sackful!!!!!

10~ SPRUCING UP MY YARD Ever since we moved here after being married, I’ve wanted to get some cool potted plants for my front door. That was accomplished this week and it does EVERYTHING to make our home look inviting and finished! I LOVE how they turned out…. clean and simple! These are a great set that works either indoors or outdoors! Flowers will ABSOLUTELY make things look cheerful and if your home, YOU CAN ENJOY THEM TO THE FULLEST!


I hope that these tips on what I’m doing while social distancing will give you and your family some great ideas to get through the COVID-19 pandemic! REMEMBER TO SEE THE BLESSINGS IN THIS….. slowing down and doing what’s most important, BEING WITH EACH OTHER! Take care friends!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Tips On What I’m Doing While Social Distancing

  1. Thanks Shauna, for your post. Your posts are helping to keep me on track. It sounds like your area still has quite a lot of freedom – here in New Zealand, we are not allowed to leave the house (except to walk in our own street) unless we are on essential business – groceries or medical basically. I’m lucky to have both my children included in my “bubble” – my daughter lives next door and my son is house sitting the house on the other side. We are truly blessed. I might try the Audrey Hepburn thing myself. Stay safe.

    1. Carol…. that makes me happy! We do have a bit more freedom than a lot of you, but it’s tightening up every day. I’m glad you have your FAMILY around you!!!! Take care girlfriend!!!! XO

  2. I have taken up knitting and sewing again. Knitting, in particular, is great for anxiety in these Covid days, and you cannot stress eat whilst knitting. Might try my hand at some crochet too. The whole family gets involved in repurposing old furniture. My days are busier with the entire family at home all day; lots of cooking and cleaning going on.

    1. Bindi…. it really does sound LIKE HEAVEN! I would love to learn how to knit! My mom used to crochet. In fact I ran across some of the blankets she made for us years ago! The furniture part sounds awesome! You take care and ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!!!! THANKS for stopping by! XO

      1. Bonjour pourriez-vous nous préciser votre coiffure. Je suis découragée car avec la fermeture des salons de coiffure. C’est tellement beau vos cheveux, vous êtes très belle
        Je suis blonde au cheveux longs mais j’ai 56 ans et tout ceci va changer car je ne sais pas comment devenir une coiffeuse je suis infirmière et dois travailler.. Je voudrais avoir ce LOOK commence votre que j’ai déjà eu plus jeune
        Dites nous des trucs si vous pouvez pour faire sois même cette coupe peut être ?
        Merci qui aime l’esthétique et la simplicité.

        1. Excusez moi je corrige le mot voiture à sorti.. plutôt que coiffure..
          Découragée par le côté esthétique impossible avec la situation. Un gros merci pour nous partager vos belles idées ,photos .
          Salon de coiffure fermé très difficile cette période car il y a des problèmes, situations qui bien sûr ne sont pas prioritaire mais c’est difficile lorsque une femme comme moi travaille et aime être coquette
          Merci beaucoup à vous. Soyez prudente,. Très beau vos cheveux !!

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