My Idea of Spring and Summer Essentials

Today I wanted to share with y’all MY IDEA OF SPRING AND SUMMER ESSENTIALS! This time of year is my absolute favorite time of year to shop. Well…. actually I don’t think I can say that, because when fall approaches I say the same thing about fall and winter! Ha!!! But these two times are probably the most shopped times of year! And now with all the Coronavirus going around…. ONLINE shopping is a MUST!!

Now is the time to start assessing what’s in your closet, even cleaning out what you haven’t worn in a long time. You’ve heard me talking about doing just that, and it feels really good! Make sure you buy things that you will wear 80% of the time! The saying that you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time IS TRUE! So….. with that being said, you must SHOP SMART!


Even though white jeans are worn all year long, during the spring and summer they are especially fresh and fun! Wear them with flip-flops or very dressed up! Wearing them in an office setting with a blazer is so chic! The CHICOS NO STAIN jeans are awesome because they seriously won’t stain, and are on major SALE! They’ll be the perfect pair for traveling….. when we can travel!!!!!


I’ve said it so many times, that skirts are my go-to in the warm seasons! They are feminine and super cool and comfy. I would wear ANY one of these with a tee shirt and sneakers. And this one is adorable dressed down!


I’m not sure I’ll be wearing these or not, but they are a huge trend this season. They are longer and much easier to wear and can be worn in a classy way. How do you feel about denim shorts?


A comfy pair of sneakers for spring and summer is SO IMPORTANT. You want to be comfortable whatever the activity! These are some of my favorites, but THIS ONE is my FAVE!


Hats, hats, and more hats! This is the season to pull them all out and put them to use! And nothing will amp up your style MORE than a hat. Wear them with confidence and attitude! I LOVE mine and think it has to be my favorite accessory! This one is such a FUN spring color!


I LOVE a cute shirtdress because….. it doubles as a kimono! In fact, I like wearing mine as a kimono the best! Wear it to the beach or poolside as a coverup, or over your new denim shorts! This one is a classic! A super cute spring and summer look!


Soft pants and leggings are all I’ve been wearing lately. They are what I wear when I’m home working and want to look chic but still feel comfortable. I will always be a fan of the soft pant! Definitely my idea of spring and summer essentials! THESE are my FAVORITE!


A lightweight cardigan or sweater is a must this time of year. You don’t want anything heavy and bulky, but something to keep you warm on a cool night. I want to say in a theatre or on an airplane, but unfortunately, probably not there for awhile! The color of this cardi is ADORABLE!


The section in my closet that has the most in it, is my tee shirt section! And having a great white one is a true basic! I like to have a crew neck, a v-neck, and a scoop neck….. all of which are linked here. I’ve been needing a new v-neck style and this is the one I would get!


I may have too many denim jackets, but you have seen that I wear them ALL THE TIME! I’ve had a few in my closet for YEARS! Here are some really fun new options! I love my CHICOS cropped style, and then the pastel floral…. oh my!!!!! And what about the kimono styled one! LOVE!

Each of these items will be those items in your closet that HOPEFULLY you will be wearing 80% of the time!!!! I’ve linked up ALL PRICE POINTS for you to shop and compare. I’m hoping that this will give you some really good guidelines on how to shop smart! I want to get you to the point of wearing your clothes equally and getting LOTS of mileage out of each piece!!!!!


Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “My Idea of Spring and Summer Essentials

  1. I purge my closet, come back to really look at it and realize I need to purge more! It feels good when I’m done, but SO HARD to do!

    1. Debra YES….. it’s not an easy task, and I’m with you in that I NEED TO PURGE MORE!!!!!! Stay well! XO

  2. Thank you for all the tips! I need to do this so badly but it’s so hard to get started.

  3. I love it when you do these kinds of posts. There’s just so much to dive into, and check out. Keeps me busy!!!

    1. Don’t think on line shopping is a good suggestion at this time. Think of all the people that have to go into work to sort the orders. I think I could do without until this is all over. I wouldn’t put anyone’s lift at
      risk for a t-shirt.

    2. Cheryl SO GLAD TO HEAR, because they take FOREVER! But it’s my experience that women who don’t know what they’re doing when styling themselves, really DO APPRECIATE suggestions and inspiration like this! TAKE CARE SWEETS!

  4. Great post – we are just coming in to autumn (feels like winter though) so I was wondering if you have written a similar post about fall/winter shopping in the last year? Great inspiration though. I’m not opposed to wearing any of these items during the winter, just need to team them with warmer layers. Thank you so much. Stay safe.

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