This Chicos Capsule Is A Blast

Ladies…. this CHICOS capsule is a BLAST! I mean…… look at this color and pattern and boldness and happiness!!!! Isn’t it fabulous for SUMMER? I think FINALLY we have a reason to get out of our cozies and dress up a little bit. I just heard that Disneyland is opening back up, so that must mean that a LOT of establishments are following suit…… with caution of course!




This lineup from CHICOS is one of my favorites. I KNOW…. I’ve said that so many times before, but this one REALLY IS! These are my colors and this is my vibe! I’ve tried to show you a CAPSULE WARDROBE with these pieces. This is how you want to pack for a vacation. After I shot this, I realized I didn’t even include the white denim skirt and the denim shirt. Those two pieces added to this would give you even MORE options!

This red pair of soft pants and tank are beautiful basics. Wear them alone as I have done, or separate, or with a shirt or cardigan over the top. They travel and pack very well as I found out when I went to Florida. These are the kinds of things that will get you the most mileage out of your suitcase! You see below how I’ve worn the floral linen shirt over the top as a jacket-type look.

The cardigan here can be worn as a cardi, or over your shoulders, or tied around your waist. I loved it with this purple striped tee. I thought the pattern play was super fun for summer! The floral shirt is ADORABLE with the white denim skirt, any of your denim, shorts, or the red pants. I’ve raved about this pattern and you can see why…. it’s SO MUCH FUN! It’s one of Chicos originals!

The jeans are my favorite right now. I love the wide-leg crop style. They are super soft and have a mid-rise. They are the perfect length to show off all your cute summer sandals! They would be considered the perfect lightweight summer jeans!

This scarf is the most fun tied as a headscarf. But you see I’ve used it as a belt and of course always tied loosely around your neck…. even tied on to your bag! The scarf is the same print as the shirt and the cardigan. Can you think of other ways to wear this scarf?

This Chicos capsule is a blast no doubt! You could throw in a navy swim suit and you’d be set and ready for SUMMERTIME fun in STYLE!


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Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “This Chicos Capsule Is A Blast

  1. Love these looks Shauna! Chico’s is so blessed to have you! I would be glossing over their website if it wasn’t for you showing how to style a smaller frame! I’ve just ordered the scarf, necklace , bracelet and tank top in scarlet! I love red!

    1. Hi Sandi! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can’t wait until you’ve gotten your new things and see how fun they are! They will add a LOT to your style this summer! The scarf is my favorite! Please let me know how you LOVE them! Take care girl! XO

  2. Hi Shauna,

    New to your page, stumbled across your blog through Instagram, love your style and fashion sense. What are your stats, height and weightish? What size in Chico’s do you normally wear? I think we may be similar just trying to gauge my fit. Thank you in advance, D.

    1. Hi Dianna….. WELCOME to my blog, and THANK YOU!!! I usually wear the smallest size in the Chicos brand. I’m 5’1.5″ tall. Sometimes I will wear the petite sizes there, but sometimes not. It just depends. XO

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