They Wanted PINK Too!!!

I am very blessed to have five BEAUTIFUL granddaughters in my life! Each one is unique and precious! Being the mother of three sons, I never imagined myself with ANY girls, ever! I thought I was destined to have only boys! Even our dogs were boys! So you can imagine how much fun I have had with these little girls! When they found out I was getting my PINK hair, they wanted in on the fun! They were coming for a sleepover and so PINK hair definitely was going to be on the agenda!

I had gotten some pink shampoo from my stylist that I will use about every other shampoo. This will help maintain my color. I asked Harley, my stylist, if this would also work for my little girls in turning their blond locks pink. She thought it would just fine. When they got here, they wanted to start the process ASAP. They hardly had their suitcase put away, before they were in the bathroom, ready to turn pink! I washed and washed my first little girl’s hair several times, and couldn’t see any results. She came up out of the sink and looked in the mirror and said, “Was this a FAIL?” It was so cute, but I felt so bad that I wouldn’t be able to help them achieve pink! I called a local beauty supply store and asked them if they had ANY products I could use. They recommended these two…

This and this.

We left right away and drove to the store in hopes of getting their hair pink THAT DAY. I felt good about what we had found, after being told just how to use the products. We first spayed the BLONDME on their dry hair and brushed it through. We then blow-dryed it. You could see some pink, but it was very mellow and sort of a silvery pink. Then we took the chalk and ran it through sections with a sponge. WOW! This stuff really works good, and added the hot pink that they wanted. The only thing…’s messy!!!!!!! It was all over the floor, then their clothes, and then their faces. I was afraid they would get it on the furniture!!! We used a flat iron on their hair which seals in the color a little better. Then added lots of hairspray! This too, will hold in the color! They were in LOVE! It seemed once we were done with the whole process, the color wasn’t as easy to get all over. So the flatiron and spray really did do a good job in keeping it in their hair. These pictures were taken the next day.

All of the color washed out on the first wash. I was told that the spray would stay in for about three washes, but no. Kind of disappointing! Perhaps I didn’t spray enough in? But it was such fun while it lasted and they both LOVED, LOVED their PINK hair!


I’ve linked here the products again. The girls sweaters are from the GAP, but I couldn’t find them on-line. They very well could be in your local GAP, and they are on sale!!! So similar styles are linked.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner the PINK hair will be the perfect accessory. What a fun activity for you to try PINK hair either on yourself, or for the little girls in your life. I’ve added a shopping collage here, with some darling outfit ideas for them as well!


Happy Day!


8 thoughts on “They Wanted PINK Too!!!

  1. Wow!! Blessed little girls to have such awesome memories with you!! My mom always said…”It’s ALL about the memories, that’s ALL that matters”.

  2. Oh my gosh! Too cute, Shauna! I love how close you are to your granddaughters. They will remember these moments forever. I’m the same way with my brother’s 3 kids (ages 9, 7, and 3). When we are together we are always going on adventures and having slumber parties. I only wished they lived closer. Hope you are having a great week! 🙂

    1. Hi Lizzy…thank you! They really are such blessings! It always AMAZES me at how little children can make life 1000 times better!!!! Enjoy your littles too!!! XO

  3. How much fun is that! Those little girls will tell the story of turning their hair pink with their gram! Great memory for everyone!

    1. Kathy, thank you for your comment! They absolutely are such BLESSINGS!!! Have a great weekend! XO

  4. I amblseed with 2 grandchildren.. twins a boy and girl. They are 5 they live away but we have been lucky enough to see them every 6 months or so, Thank goodness for FaceTime. Your grand daughters are so sweet and love th pink hair. my grand daughter’s birthday was in Sept, we went for a visit and she wanted Pink Hair, I took her to the salon and they did an amazing job she absolutely loved it. I wish I could rock the pink hair like you, I have dark hair it won’t work. I love your hairstyle as welll, I was thinking of cutting my hair for months and once I saw yours I chopped mine off I love it. Enjoy your weekend with your grand daughters ..

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