The Simple LBD

The older I get, or I really should say, the more mature I get (lol) the more simple I get. Less is more you could say! I remember hearing my mom say that she just wanted to be comfortable when she dresses, and I never thought that I could ever give up a cute pair of shoes, or a cute top, or whatever….in order to be comfortable! I always go for cuteness over comfort. But I can feel that shifting a bit! THIS dress can do both of those though. CUTE and COMFY and can look so different depending on what you wear with it. It’s from Covered Perfectly. During the summer I LOVE wearing dresses over anything else. This one was so fun to wear with my VINCE tennies and a woven JCrew belt tied around the waist. I bloused the dress to shorten it a bit, and added some fun jewelry and that’s about it. A hat would have been adorable too! But then what about wearing it in a dressier way? Easy as ever! Heels, or long cardigan over the top, a leather jacket, blazer, or  for another casual look throw on a baggy crew neck sweater! So good going in to fall with some booties! THIS is such a great dress to pack in your bag for many looks while out traveling! You will definitely get some mileage out of this dress!!!

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I’ve linked for you here a similar sort of belt that would be so cute for this dress  (in two colors) and so many other things! Also, I get emails daily about what kind of hair products I use. I’ve linked them here for those that are interested. I’ve been using the paste and wax  mixed together, for a while now. They give me just the right amount of texture without feeling sticky! The spray is awesome for a lighter hold!

Similar Belt  |  Shoes  |  Hair Paste  |  Hair Wax  |  Hairspray


15 thoughts on “The Simple LBD

    1. Lizzy….hope YOU DO TOO!!!! And I’m sure you’re looking cute and comfy too!!! xo

  1. You look adorable Shauna! I was wearing a comfy knit dress with sneakers recently and my husband said “Sneakers with a dress?” And I replied, “Absolutely!” I got a couple compliments that day. When we feel happy it shows in our faces, amiright? Have a great week!

    1. Naomi…You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! About the sneakers with a dress AND about it showing in your face when you’re HAPPY!!!! Way to rock your sneakers and your dress!!!!! XO

  2. I love wearing Skirts or Dresses with Sneakers, here in Oklahoma it gets very hot and Dresses are so much cooler, being from Germany I’m having a hard time with the heat.Love the Dress your wearing you make comfy look classy.Have a wonderful week.

  3. Love all the styles especially ideas on wearing white on white. Truly love your style.

    1. Hi Melissa, Thanks for your sweet comment! White on white is always a winner!!!!!! XO

  4. Dresses are my summer go to also, but I wear flip flops. The cute tennis shoes class it up a bit from the Cali flip flop look. Great post

    1. Hi Erin, thank you so much for stopping by! I’ve not always been so much of a dress girl, but boy am I now!!! They are so cool and comfortable! And flip-flops or tennies are both good choices!!! XO

  5. Hi – I’ve just recently started following you and thank goodness because i am loving it! I share your Instagram posts with all my over 50 fashionistas. Your words here truly resonate with me. Simplicity is key along with elegance. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tamme, thank you so much for your comment! It’s interesting how sometimes we lose touch with fashion the older we get. Whether it’s interest, time, health, or really not knowing what to do, we sure are missing out on a lot of fun!
      “Less is more” is always a good motto to go by!!!!! XO

    1. Hi….no, no, NO! We have to always remember that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! So cliche’ but SO TRUE!!! XO

    1. Sonja, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve never had a hard time having fun with fashion!!!! XO

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