Summing Up My J.Jill Vacay

Just a re-cap of my California vacation with J.Jill! I had such a wonderful and fabulous time driving up the 101 seeing the beautiful coastline of sunny California! The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! I met so many lovely people on the way at each stop! I was stopped many times throughout, by lovely people complimenting my look! I was so surprised at how many outfits I was able to get out of just a few things!

The items in my bag are here…

White Jeans  |  Maxi Skirt  |  Gray Tee-Shirt Dress  |  Chambray Skirt  |  Chambray Top  |  Navy Linen Tunic  |  Denim Dress  |  White Tee  |  Black Tee  |  Navy Scarf  |  Tasseled Scarf  |   Striped Tie Scarf  |  Blue Paisley Tie Scarf  |  Pendant Necklace  |  Pebble Necklace  |  Silver Bracelet

The first day I chose to wear this darling skirt and top. This was so easy to wear separately with the different tees, and with tennies or heels. Very easy to dress them up! The fabric is Tencel and so soft and comfortable! The blue pebble necklace went with nearly every look I put together! Remember when you’re packing, to bring things all within the same color palate. This will give you the most mileage out of what you bring! The silver bracelet I really loved too. It’s simple, but adds a bit of sparkle to your wrist, and doesn’t compete with any other piece of jewelry you choose to wear!

The second day, which was the 4th of July, I chose an all white outfit. I absolutely loved each of the long tie scarves I brought! I wore one tied as a belt with the all white look, to add just a little bit of fun! I’ve fallen for the J.Jill tee-shirts! The Pima cotton is so fine. I liked that you couldn’t see through them, and they have the most beautiful drape! This outfit got the most attention on each of my platforms. Everyone seemed to love the simpleness and clean look for the holiday. The long pendant necklace is right up my alley! Literally it goes with anything and makes the perfect necklace to pack!

On the third day I wore the maxi skirt and black tee. I wore this skirt the very most throughout my trip. I LOVED it! So easy and breezy and cool! I wore it out all day with some flip flops, then out to dinner with some dressy sandals, and then to the beach as a cover-up over my swimsuit! I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it all summer long!

The fourth day I wore this fantastic denim dress! This dress was so comfy and again, the best fabric! It has a little bit of a pattern in it, which gives it a different twist on the denim dress! You could take this dress in to the evening with some heels and bigger jewelry! I wore it out one evening with an animal print belt and it was darling!! I put the pebble necklace with it and wore the other long tie scarf in my hair. 100% of the proceeds of these scarves go towards community based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women become more self sufficient! That’s AWESOME!!!

The next day brought me to this navy linen tunic! I paired it with the white jeans and this infinity scarf. I’m really loving tunics right now! I also wore it as a cover-up to the beach! For me it was just long enough! It looked so cute with the white jeans, and the scarf acted like a piece of jewelry! Loved this tunic!

On the last day of my amazing trip I wore this gray tee-shirt dress! Every girl should have a dress like this! My favorite way to wear it was with white tennis shoes and a hat! I loved that look! But then you can also wear it out at night in a dressier way, accessorized in a different way. This tasseled scarf was such fun tied on to my bag, but I used it also with the white jeans, chambray skirt, and denim dress! Cutest ever!!!

I have to thank J.Jill for such a fabulous wardrobe to take me through my vacation! It was so fun to mix and match each of these pieces in to each of these looks here, and much, much more!!! I have been proud to represent J.Jill STYLE!

There is a $500 J.Jill gift card up for grabs!!!!! Here are the directions……you will need to LIKE, FOLLOW, and COMMENT on  my Instagram post, and TAG TWO PEOPLE. My Instagram is @chicover50. You will also need to COMMENT HERE ON THIS BLOG POST! I will be checking to make sure you did each of those things. It will go until Friday the 21st at midnight (MST). I will announce a winner on the 27th!!!


108 thoughts on “Summing Up My J.Jill Vacay

  1. Love how well everything goes together but is very unique! And that haircut…the best accessory! Love it!

  2. Love the clothes, love the hair and make-up, love the accessories, love it all! Over fifty and looking fabulous!!! ?

  3. Head to toe; you ROCK every outfit & love love your hair!! This giveaway would be a great birthday present!!?

  4. I saw you on a pin on Pinterest! I have been a fan ever since! I love your Instagram postings! Beautiful lady… so classy!!

  5. Ok, seriously you styled every single item over the top (but I’m not surprised one bit). Plus you made every item look so fun and easy to wear while on vacation mode. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Now we need to find an afternoon to do lunch (there’s a new place downtown I want to try).

  6. I am so with you, gotta be comfy! Keep rockin it and show how fabulous over 50 can be, we don’t have to be frumpy!! (I tagged my 2 peeps on IG seperate from my comment, sorry!)

  7. I have been loving the outfits you have been wearing from J Jill. I have seen their clothes before, but never bought any. Now after all your posting, it has sparked my interest and I have started an account at J. Jill!

  8. I adore “ALL the things” you took on your Vacay … so much so , that I have purchased several of them ! The quality and prices are amazing ?

  9. I’m on the hunt for a white tshirt that isn’t see through and yours looks like it would fit the bill! Is it light but still provide coverage? Love this post!

  10. You nailed the capsule wardrobe thing! The great tee dress is perfect. I love how you styled it.

  11. Love everything about your style! Only wish is that you provide more pics of your cuteness!

  12. No false flattery here! Seriously love & appreciate your style! Super cute outfits that are helping me plan my outfits for my upcoming NYC trip!

  13. Love the whole white look! You rock all the outfits! Keping my fingers crossed for the giftcard!

  14. Beautiful! Especially love the scarf..color is fabulous on you!! Excited to take a look at JJill!

  15. Loved all your looks, especially the all white! It’s been years since we drove along the 101. Hope to do it again someday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Love Love all the White. It never goes out of style and always looks so crisp and clean. All the looks are awesome! Especially the hair style! You make over 50 fun!

    1. Love many of the outfits especially the all white and the blue tunic. So many great options that work well together. I’m a petite 5’7″ and a fan of stulevabd comfort. Love that you got both. I plan to stop by JJill and add some pieces to my wardrobe. Fabulous!!!

  17. You have it ALL going on! Classy, sassy, sophisticated, stunning-and know how to put it together and rock it!!!

  18. While I love all the outfits because they all screem COMFY, my very favourite is the whithe jeans with navy tunic and hat!

  19. Jjill and you are a match made in heaven. Never underestimate the power in understated elegance. Classics never go out of style!

  20. You are one of the best things about social media!! Fashion fun!☺️

  21. Seriously! I bought every piece!!! Love it! Loved the bag, scarf, Tshirt dress and the denim dress is the bomb!

    You make fashion over 50 fun!

  22. Love all your ideas! And I was just in Los Angeles celebrating my 60th birthday and I agree, there great places to see there!!!

  23. I started following you while you were on vacation! I copied two of these looks with what I had. To be honest, I never shopped at J. Jill and I look forward to going and as my husband would say, “spend,spend,spend”. Keep up the beautiful fashion advice and enjoy the rest of your summer:)

  24. Loved all the looks! The navy tunic with the infinity scarf and the hat rocked! Your style
    is an inspiration to me. I had to make j.jill
    on my last shopping trip. Thanks to you.

  25. I love that I have found your blog! You have a confident and beautiful style that gives me so many ideas! J Jill is my favorite! Thank you!

  26. You have captured us here in Southern California! I love driving PCH too, and we often do it! Did you get as far as Morro Bay? We always buy a couple dozen bay oysters and consume them right there! I love the way you mixed and matched all your clothing! This would also work for any cruise to anywhere warm! I entered as @desert_dance on instagram. Love J Jill!

  27. Hi Shauna, I love your choices of outfits. You encourage me to try new looks and to only wear what make me feel good. Some times I think we wear what was put in our heads a person of a certain age (should) wear. I feel free. Thank you.

  28. You are MY inspiration!!! Love everything about you and your style!!! You make the clothes!!

  29. Love your all white look! Seeing your fantastic haircut and color on pintrest is what brought me to your blog, and instagram.

  30. So excited to see you visited @visitsantabarbara we do have such a lovely city and delightful places to be photographed. I hope all were kind. My favorite outfit was the maxi I’m in maxi mode this summer easy and can go from day to evening here.

  31. You look so pretty and chic in all the outfits!
    I want to enter contest but don’t know how to tag people on instagram 🙁

  32. I look forward to see your new posts daily!! I love your style and ageless beauty!!

  33. All your outfits are on point! And rocking the hair! I recognize the Stearns Wharf!

  34. I love J. Jill. I haven’t had anything new from there in a while. I forget to shop them. There is not a store near me. Great looks!

  35. I absolutely ❤ your style @chicover50! Thank you for the inspiration! You ROCK!????

  36. Love all your looks! J.Jill always has the best clothes! The white jean are wonderful!!
    I really love that the scarves help benefit women in need!

    Following on Insta as @coupontammy

  37. Each of your outfits illustrated the casualness and relaxing mood of vacationing. The camal shoes with the all white outfit kept the look clean and stylish.

  38. I love all the outfits you styled, but my favorite is the white on white and scarf tied as a belt. So simple but striking at the same time.

  39. Wow! You have such great style. All the outfits are coordinated and well put together. It’s so good to see a blog that is fashionable for women our age. I love how you style your clothes, it gives me inspiration!!!!! You are a true Fashionista!!!!!

  40. I love your style. At 53 and short, I don’t have many choices. You inspire me to expand what I do own.

  41. I love your energy and your style. You have inspired me to look beyond my usual black and white outfits. Love jjill and all the fun outfits you have shown.

  42. So happy to found your blog. You have a great look and style. l think I’ll try some of your outfits!

  43. I am so happy to find your blog. You have a great look and style. I look forward to trying some of your looks.

  44. I’ve been following you a long time and you continue to inspire me! Love the JJill looks!

  45. I went to J.Jill for the first time after this post! Fell in love with the classic designs and gorgeous fabrics…. I’m now officially addicted. Thanks for the intro!❤️

  46. I love your look. You’re so sassy and classy! I love Jjill and all of their clothes . They don’t make me look frumpy and dumpy. ..I see a theme here lol. Thank you for your posts and all the great clothing ideas

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