The Response To My Engagement Has Touched Me…

The response to my engagement has touched me in so many ways. I wasn’t going to post a picture quite this soon, until……

I received so many comments, emails, and DM’s on my engagement. They’ve all been very sweet messages and I appreciate them SO MUCH….honestly you’ll never know how much EVERY comment means to me.

But what has impacted me the most, are the messages about HOPE. About LOVE. About ENDURING a hardship. About HOW to ENDURE a hardship. About how does someone GO ON? And these messages have hit me to the core, because just one year ago, I didn’t know if there was hope for me.

I never understood what depression was really like. I didn’t really know what I thought about it, other than I didn’t realize how hard it was to come out of some of those hard emotions. I’ve said so many times before…it was PRAYER for me.

So what I want to say to ANY OF YOU out there that are suffering with these kinds of feelings and doesn’t think that there is any way to dig out and move on. I’m one that can tell you THERE IS! You just have to live one more day.

I could never have believed that my life would be where it is now. NO WAY! But I managed to live just that one more day, and now I’m in such a BEAUTIFUL place. I will soon tie the knot with him and we will live on forever, feeling so grateful we found each other.

Thank you for your response to my engagement, it truly has touched me. I am very blessed for sure. And whatever your path is, you can have LOVE again in your life as well. TRUST me! And however that comes for you….you just have to trust and pray and live one more day.

THIS post was the day I decided to change my life. Can you see any hidden messages???

I LOVE this skirt I wore here. It was girly and feminine and I think the color combination is adorable! I paired it with a top I got last summer, an off-white linen. I’ve linked some others that I think would look cute with the skirt!!!!

Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “The Response To My Engagement Has Touched Me…

  1. I can see those affirmation messages! I am so happy for you! Congratulations again and best wishes!♥️

      1. Shauna, I am such a fan of yours! You are so beautiful and your style is amazing!! You are my idol ❤. Congratulations on your engagement!!! I am so happy for you! And it gives me hope that maybe it’s not too late for me. I’m 56 and it’s not easy being single these days. Anyway love you take care! ?

  2. I think that is so beautiful how you found each other! But i know God orchestrates so many things in our lives to give us hope! You gave me hope as a fifty-nine year old thinking i could never look good in clothes. So my motto is Age is just a number! Wear what makes you happy!! Many blessings to you and your fiancee!!

  3. I just saw your proposal video and it brought tears to my eyes. So excited and happy for you both. You make me feel like we are personal friends. Your heart seems so big at wanting to share fashion and so many other things for women over 50. Thanks and congratulations. Cannot wait to hear about your big day.

    1. Jenny, you are SO SWEET, thank you!!!!!!! It’s getting close…..YIKES! I don’t feel ready yet! I can’t wait to share what I’m WEARING!!!! IT’S SO FABULOUS!!!! XOXO

  4. You are an inspiration to all women of all ages! Thank you for not holding back, pledging hope, faith and tenacity, while keeping your eyes wide open!

  5. I ❤️You, Precious Pixie Fashionista! You’re SO inspirational! Ohhhhhh, the suspense
    Is killing me! LOL!!!! Can hardly wait to see what you’ll be wearing on your wedding
    day! Congratulations on finding “FOREVER” love! ?

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