The Power of Ripped Jeans

Oh the power of ripped jeans!!!! They have been a popular trend for a couple of decades now, and they continue to be a staple in many women’s wardrobes. However, this trend has also been subject to some controversy….. particularly when it comes to the opinions of those who view it as inappropriate or unprofessional. Outside of my hair, I get more comments about ripped jeans. It’s strange to me, but then it’s not. Let’s talk….

One the biggest reasons in my opinion that women are so opinionated about wearing ripped jeans is this. Women often face greater scrutiny and criticism for their clothing choices especially at midlife. This can be especially true in the professional world. They get careful and then think that everyone else should be careful too.

However, I will always argue that ripped jeans can be just as appropriate and stylish as other types of clothing, depending on how they are worn. For example, pairing ripped jeans with a blazer or dressy top can create a chic and polished look, while wearing them with a casual t-shirt can create a more laid-back vibe.

The Power of Ripped Jeans

The Power of Ripped Jeans


For the braver and edgier ladies, wearing them is a form of expression. Clothing is a powerful form of communicating one’s personality, and interests, and ripped jeans can be a way for women to express their sassy side. I personally LOVE their funk!!!!

Moreover, ripped jeans can give women a chance to challenge tradition and expectations. Not too many years ago, women were expected to wear “proper” clothing. However, as those expectations have evolved, so too have women’s fashion choices. Ripped jeans can be seen as a way for women to embrace their individuality and reject the norm!

The power of ripped jeans

Ladies….. don’t let society dictate your style. Ripped jeans CAN be a way for midlife women to reclaim their confidence and challenge these crazy ideas about what is appropriate and what isn’t. It’s up to YOU! Letting the power of ripped jeans reinvent your look and add some spunk in to your style…. is a great idea and one you should try!!!! Don’t get stuck in a rut!



    1. YAY RENE’…… definitely one of MY GIRLS!!!!! Thank you for chiming in here. Do you think it’s as weird as I do about the whole ripped jeans thing?????

  1. I love my ripped Jeans and I am 79 now also ordered the Doors T-Shirt. love you :).

    1. RITA! YOU are one of my girls too!!!! You HAVE to send me a picture! This has to be documented….. and I’m TOTALLY SERIOUS!!!!!! You can email it to me at [email protected] XOXOXO

  2. I wear ripped jeans and I don’t care what others comments, if I did I would never leave the house! I think they’re are fun & look good on just about every body type.
    June Clever has left the building!

    1. Ha YES GIRLFRIEND!!!!! There’s such strong opinions on both sides, but the bottom line is WHO CARES!!!! Have fun with your RIPPED and RUGGED JEANS!!!! Xoxo

    1. Kathy yes they are edgy and we need MORE EDGY AT MIDLIFE! Love it LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by my friend! XOXO

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I just purchased a pair of ripped jeans! I had given up on wearing them at 61. But Shauna looks so cute, and after reading all of the empowering comments, I have gotten my groove back. 😉

    1. Robin I’m SO HAPPY to hear!!! Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you ENJOY those ripped jeans!!! I’m positive you will look FANTASTIC in them!!!! XOXO

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