Fashion Meets Function With Athleisure

Fashion Meets Function With Athleisure

I will always believe that FASHION MEETS FUNCTION WITH ATHLEISURE! I’ve talked about this extensively, yet I find myself simplifying with athleisure wear time and time again! Traveling, running errands, or working, my athleisure wardrobe is getting bigger and bigger!

This trend has become a staple in many women’s wardrobes. I’ve also been packing my suitcase with more and more athleisure pieces! In fact, I’m just coming off of a trip to New Mexico for a golf tournament, and I bet I wore my ATHLETA, ZENERGY, and LULULEMON 85% of the time! Women of all ages are embracing this comfortable and stylish look. But what makes athleisure wear so popular?

Fashion Meets Function With Athleisure


I believe one reason for the growing popularity of athleisure, is more interest in health and fitness. More women are incorporating exercise into their daily routines, and athleisure wear allows them to transition from a workout to running errands or meeting friends….. all without having to change clothes. This convenience has made it an attractive option for many women of all ages, who lead busy lives.

Another reason could be the rise of social media and what we see there. Influencers and celebrities alike, are sharing the versatility of this style. This has made it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. Many women like to be shown something first, before they themselves embrace it. They like to know it’s ok and CAN be stylish!


Fashion Meets Function with Athleisure

Function Meets Fashion with Athleisure

Comfort is also a significant factor in the popularity of athleisure wear. Women are increasingly prioritizing comfort over traditional fashion. This clothing is made with breathable and stretchy fabrics that allow for a full range of motion, making it extremely comfortable for workouts or lounging around the house.


In conclusion, athleisure wear has become popular among women of ALL ages because it’s convenient, comfy, and stylish! There are more ways to wear this look than you think! Remember to mix in things such as blazers, heels, and accessories! Fashion absolutely meets function with athleisure wear. However your days go, this look is fashionable for nearly any occasion!


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  1. My dearest Shauna, every now and then I take a peek into your ever-impressive blog to see what the “it girls” wear! You always look so beautiful and happy. I so appreciate your notes on my blog too. Even though you are far in road distance, you stay close to my heart and I value the years when I could see you in person more often. Keep up your fabulous work. You are such a professional writer and business woman. And happily married wise woman in a wonderful relationship and with a wonderful family. I’m so proud of what you have achieved. Love you!

    1. GERDA!!!!! Oh my goodness it’s SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU my sweet friend! What a very complimentary comment coming from you….. one of the most brilliant women I know! I hope you are doing well. I’d love to one of these next times I’m in the SLC area, meet you for a drink or something? I would love that more than anything! Let’s keep in touch! Say “hello” to Peter for me too! LOVE YOU Gerda! XO

  2. You are the neatest chick I know!!! The fact that you keep faith, family and friends at the top of your list is so important too!!!

    1. Donna thank you very much! Priorities in life are really key aren’t they? So happy you stopped by! You are the sweetest! XO

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