The POWER Of Red!

Friends, you know how I LOVE color. The POWER of Red, or the POWER of COLOR makes a world of difference. And for me it’s the more VIBRANT the better. But for YOU……that could be very different. It could be pastels, or it could be earthy tones. Wearing the right colors truly can make you look 1000 times better.

THIS would be my FAVORITE vibrant color EVER….this electric pink is one I can’t get enough of! I’ve got lipstick this color too, CANDY YUM YUM, which is another way to wear COLOR!

Whenever I’m in vibrant reds, greens, yellows, oranges, blues, purples, or pinks…..I will undoubtedly get the most compliments. And not that I’m fishing for compliments, it’s just interesting that those particular colors are more attractive on me, and I feel the most confident in, and they get the most attention!!!!!

This red jumpsuit was so fun to wear at the event I attended in Florida for Soma Intimates. The color was perfection on me! This could easily be worn with flat sandals OR sneakers in a very casual way. But to dress it up… was fabulous! Wear it to a wedding, on a cruise, date night, or even to one of those cocktail events that you can never figure out what to wear!!!!!

THIS article is really informative in helping you to decide which COLORS look best on you!

Whatever your colors are……and if you don’t know, there are so many people out there that can help you figure that out….you should wear them! Pay attention to what YOU feel confident in, and what other people are noticing and complimenting you on, and BUY those colors! The power of red OR the power of color….it’s real! It seriously makes a huge difference!

If you love COLOR like I do, I’ve linked a group of BEAUTIFUL pieces for you below!

Shauna XOXO