My Experience With Ellura

Today’s blog is about my experience with ellura, a supplement that helps prevent Urinary Tract Infections. If you’ve ever had one, you know they are extremely painful! For me….I can actually feel a UTI coming on, like when I play tennis in the super hot weather. If I don’t keep myself hydrated properly, I’m sure to be at risk for one. There is such discomfort, burning and aching, seriously UTI’s are SO MISERABLE!

So I recently found out about this ellura supplement, who knew women had been using it for years and urologists prefer it? My experience has been positive!!! With ellura, you take it once a day because it has this powerful ingredient that works to protect your bladder and fight off UTI causing bacteria around the clock. What makes it different is that it’s a medical-grade supplement that removes the active ingredient from cranberry juice concentrate (not the stuff you by in grocery stores and drink) called PAC and boosts it to super high levels. So, you have 36 mg of this natural PAC ingredient and it helps to prevent UTI-causing bacteria from attaching to the bladder. Bonus…….no sugar or other ingredients that would interfere if you’re taking any meds.

Normal hygiene sometimes isn’t enough to prevent a UTI from coming on. Some women are just so susceptible…and they can keep coming back. Ellura STOPS them from starting, and that is music to my ears… seriously IS!

It’s such an easy way to maintain a HEALTHY urinary tract and to avoid the pain that comes with every UTI. If you are someone that struggles with repeated UTI’s please try ellura! It’s so worth it. New customers get 25% off this amazing product at checkout by using my code CHIC, and can find it right here. I am so happy to have FINALLY found something that will keep UTI’s away. It’s so worth it! Once in the morning and boom….you’re done!

Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “My Experience With Ellura

  1. Sounds like a great product, will ask my urologist since being prone to kidney stones (almost as painful if not more than UTI) I can use. I’ve been told drinking water until you feel like your drowning (lol) cleanses your system . So I freeze water bottles I’ld rather drink icy water I get more intake but will check this product out. Thanks for sharing

    1. Kathleen…..yes the water and drowning thing! No matter how much water I’m drinking, it’s NEVER enough, ever! But I’ve truly loved this product. I would love to know what your doctor says!!!! XO

  2. I have suffered with recurrent UTIs for 35 years. The urologist’s solution is to rotate me between two antibiotics , taking a low-dose daily. That is so unhealthy, and I still get breakthrough UTIs. I want off these antibiotics! I am on some daily prescription meds, so I would want to check with my pharmacist before beginning. Do you have any info on this supplement that I could give to my pharmacist?

    1. Visit for more information or email us directly at ellura@trophikos with your address and we can mail you some info. Your pharmacist may not know about ellura because it’s sold online and by phone, but doctors definitely do. It’s the #1 urologist-recommended supplement. We’re happy to let you try it as well. ellura is safe to take with all other medications. Our mission is to reduce the use of antibiotics (save them for when absolutely needed) and to focus on prevention whenever possible. Best of health!

      1. I’ve been using Ellura for years especially I had about 5 uti a year I became immune to most antibiotics from taking so many so often which left me in a dangerous position . My uti would instantly turn into a kidney infection within hours I was admitted into hospitals for it . Ellura is the only thing to prevent the infections I was skeptical but it works .

  3. Yes! I take Ellura! My doc told me about it and it is literally life changing. I was getting so many UTI’s due to menopause. Not anymore!! I am a customer for life!

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