How To Wear Eyelet During The Fall

Psssst…my belt and fab turquoise accessories are here!

This dress started me thinking… to wear eyelet during the fall. You’ve heard me say so many times that when I buy something new I ALWAYS ask myself how to wear it three ways. And that’s exactly what I asked myself when I saw this dress. It even comes in black!

I bought it for my trip to Florida. I loved the eyelet, I loved the length, and I loved how summery it looked. But when I asked myself how would it style it in different ways, it was a bit of a challenge……for a minute!

My first choice would be to add a leather jacket and booties. The fall season is the BEST time to wear your leathers! It would toughen it up a lot and the booties would just finish it off in such a cute way!!!!! But then what about THIS!!!! I just saw this on Chicos site! This would look amazing over this dress and totally turn it in to fall. I ordered it along with THIS necklace! I think turquoise, suede, and white are SO GORGEOUS together!

And then I really have always loved the look of a sweater over the top of a dress. It’s another fun way to change your dresses up. You could wear fitted, a cardigan, or go for the slouchy kind! This would be what I would choose!!!!!

I’m seeing these sweater coats everywhere right now and I LOVE them! I’m going to be moving in to a warmer climate very soon, and these are PERFECT! I love this with the boots! It’s very sort of western boho! SO CUTE, casual, and laid back!

So these are my ideas of how to wear eyelet during the fall. It really can be a traditional look….a little bit of summer to move in to fall! I fun leather moto jacket will always be a great choice as well!

I’d love to hear your ideas…..or do you even love eyelet?!! Lol!

Shauna XO

14 thoughts on “How To Wear Eyelet During The Fall

  1. Yes, I’ve always loved eyelet! It’s so romantic looking.. and your idea pairing it with a sweater and booties are perfect, thanks for the idea!

  2. I love eyelet – reminds me of a little dress I made for you when you were about 1. The material was expensive but I couldn’t resist it. xoxoxoxo

    1. Mom!!! I remember that dress too! I’m so happy that you found it a good idea to buy that expensive eyelet! So much a part of my childhood is those memories of you sewing my clothes! LOVE YOU MOM! XO

  3. I love eyelet!!!!!! I love it with leather or a jean jacket. Also I love the concho silver and gold earrings… were they Chico’s also?

    1. Darla…..YES! A leather or jean jacket is such a great idea!!!!! All of my accessories are available here on my site under the tab SHOP CHIC! And my belt is still available. They are all one of a kind. The belt is my FAVORITE! XO

  4. Eyelet? I Guess it’s not just for little girls anymore. ??‍♀️ I saw an adorable top at Francesca’s…mostly cotton tee, with these eyelet bell sleeves. It certainly caught my eye. Dare I say you look kinda sexy in that dress. Sorry if that’s awkward ?

  5. I’m sorry this doesn’t have anything to do with eyelet. I do like eyelet though!
    My question and I know you’re asked often…..PLease do a video on styling you’re hair?! Just do one and will shut up! It’s so chic and I can’t seem to get mine to do it!!!!
    Thank you sooooo much!!

    1. Dee…..thank you for the reminder. I’ve had SO MANY requests for this. I want to do it really good, and don’t know if I can do it myself really good….so keep waiting for someone to come along and tell me how to do it. But…..I will add it to my list! Hopefully within the next month? However, that might be impossible because I’m getting married, traveling, and keeping up with my blog…..that is way behind! THANK YOU for being patient with me!!! XOXO

  6. Shauna, you are so stinkin’ cute! I LOVE this outfit – it might be my favorite one I have seen you wear. Keep us posted on your wedding! We all wish you two the very, very best!

    1. Hi JOY!!!! LOVE your name….it’s my favorite word! You are the sweetest! THANK YOU! I’m getting SO EXCITED to get married! I’ll be posting lots of stories on Instagram. I’m leaving this week for a week to go on a much needed vacation with my new family. So I’ll be missing a lot here and everywhere actually. But stay tuned after that to IG and IG stories. I’ll try and post lots of details!!!! XO

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