The BENEFITS of Using Celltrient Energy

The benefits of using Celltrient Energy. Jumpsuit and snakeskin booties in the red rocks.
The benefits of using Celltrient Energy. A drink supplement used for more energy. Jumpsuit with snakeskin booties

Friends, today let’s chat about the BENEFITS of using Celltrient Energy. I’ve collaborated with this brand, Celltrient, for a while now, and this is why I love it.

As we age, probably one of the biggest changes we see in ourselves is LESS ENERGY. And on a personal note, the 60’s have kicked my butt! I’ve always had high energy, and it’s been very frustrating not being able to do what I used to do. I eat fairly well, ALWAYS EXERCISE, and I feel like for the most part I get enough sleep. So when I feel like I’m dragging, or need to go to bed earlier, or even feel like it’s harder to keep up with my grandchildren…… ugh. I don’t WANT to feel this way.

Celltrient’s purpose is to promote the HEALTH OF OUR CELLS! I hadn’t thought about cell health before I started working with this brand. But we absolutely should think about it just as much as we think about the health of our hearts or our bones, etc.

Celltrient Energy features TruniagenĀ® which is clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels. I’ve been taking it every day for months and I feel great. NAD+ is essential for energy production and actually helps to promote cellular repair.

I add Celltrient Energy to my water EVERY DAY. It comes in two flavors, orange (my favorite) and cherry. The flavor is nice, and it’s just like drinking flavored water. I find it to be quite refreshing! It’s recommended to drink right away and to also give it 8-12 weeks to feel the optimal results.


The benefits of using Celltrient Energy. Jumpsuit with snakeskin booties. Energy drink.

Help reawaken the PEP deep within you! The benefits of using Celltrient Energy are amazing and could really help you out!

Shauna XO

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    1. Hello Lorri…. my blog started out as a fashion blog. But since my reach is mostly women at midlife, I have a lot of opportunities to advertise products such as Celltrient. Sometimes I’m able to link my outfit within a sponsored post, but sometimes can’t. This look here is actually from my closet and not new. So unfortunately I don’t have a link to buy new. However, I did find this one, which is the same jumpsuit. Hope that helps! XO

  1. Thank you for taking my mind away from the sorrow of my current life. My sweet Mother is receiving hospice care at home. The holidays have not been the same since Thanksgiving for our family. She survived a stroke, brain surgery to remove a blood clot and cancer was discovered in her colon and throughout her body. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are going through the same and are missing loved ones they had lost. Holidays can be celebrated later. Hug your loved ones and keep them near.

    1. Hello Cynthia….. oh my I’m aching for you. I’ve had this on my mind all week, as my husband’s close cousin passed a few days ago. HOW HARD it must be to have happen during the holidays. My mama passed this last May one week before Mother’s Day. In a way hard, but in another way it gives us that day to really, really honor her. I pray that you will be able to find the JOY of the season and be blessed with SWEET MEMORIES of her. Cling to them and know that your mama would want you to feel at PEACE and be HAPPY just as you would want your children to feel. I will put you on my prayer list and know that I’m thinking of you! Thank you for stopping by!!!! XOXOXO

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