That time of year for Faux Fur

It’s that time of year for FAUX FUR girls…..and guys too! This is always one of the best parts about the fall season…..that of lots of faux fur everything! This vest that I’m wearing here is from several years ago. I got it in Chicago at Anthropologie. I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve worn it with nearly everything you can think of.


This look with the red pants and snakeskin shirt, was actually from last winter. I thought mixed with the pop of red it was just right down my alley! I don’t really look that good in all neutrals. You’ll notice that if I am in all neutrals, I’ll add some bright colored jewelry and definitely bright lips!

I wanted to show you some really great faux fur finds. I think it’s awesome that most people are aware of the sensitivity with people and real furs. Faux fur has gotten so good, that #1 you can’t tell, and #2 it is so much less expensive! There are so many options out there for us to choose from… are my favorites!

I dare say that FAUX FUR is going to be here for a long time. I don’t see it ever going out-of-style! It’s a classic, but then you can wear it in such a modern and funky way! And don’t wait for that time of year for faux fur! I believe that small touches of it can be worn during the warmer months as well. Think tee shirt, cut off denim, and a faux fur vest! That combination will definitely make a statement!!!

I love all my vintage faux fur and am always looking for that one special thing to add to my collection!!!! And that one special thing this time is THIS! I love the cropped style, works great for my short body, and GREEN is misrepresented in the fashion world. I think it’s spectacular!!!!!!

Shauna XO

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  1. I agree with Leslie, I’m on the petite size and as soon as I saw this post I thought “oh no, I don’t think this ones for me”. My sister who is 5’9” has one and it looks adorable one her.

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