Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Memories
Thanksgiving 2022 ~ Mauna Lani Resort

Thanksgiving memories in the books! What a WONDERFUL and very DREAMY Thanksgiving holiday for me, my husband and part of our family. The only thing that could have been better, would be to have had ALL of our children and grandchildren with us! But being with this little family…. a miracle family, was lovely.

This is my husband’s daughter, husband, and baby girl. Their baby is an IVF baby and took years and years to get here! She’s precious and full of personality. If you’ve followed me on Instagram and watched my stories, you’ve seen her cuteness.


MEMORIES are precious! That’s what we’ll have to look back on year after year. I cherish them, and think about them often. As my family has grown and evolved, I’ve seen God’s hand in it. These bonus kids and grandkids are amazing people. They have taught me, accepted me, and LOVED me of which I’m forever grateful!

My three sons this year, were able to be together, which was probably the best part of my Thanksgiving. It’s been awhile since that has happened. I’ve prayed and prayed for this to happen for them! It brought me MORE JOY than anyone will ever know! My mama used to say that her GREATEST JOY was to see her children be together….. I KNOW HER JOY!


As we are now in to the holiday season, I hope that everyone has made plans to carve out lots of time to create unforgettable memories with your families. As I’ve gotten older it has become even more important to me as I see my family growing. I recognize things my parents did for us as kids, that now have a lasting impact on me and how I relate to my own posterity.

FAMILIES ARE FOREVER….. truly they are the only thing we will have with us through the eternities. Nothing else really matters. My time with mine is priceless. I cherish every moment I get to be with my boys and my grandkids, and now all of my husband’s kids and grandkids. It’s sure an ABUNDANCE of all that is good.


I hope your THANKSGIVING MEMORIES were wonderful as well my friends. This time of year is truly the most MAGICAL!! Wishing you all well!

Shauna XO