Tennis Over 50

Tennis Over 50 is so much a part of my life. I have been playing and competing for years, and look forward to it every week. However, I haven’t had the hours on the court that I used to get, before my blogging days. Last year I missed the whole year due to a complete ACL reconstruction. Summer is always the pinnacle of the season as we compete to get to Districts, which then moves on to Sectionals, and then on to Nationals. I was able to compete at Nationals several years ago as a 3.5 player. Now I play 4.0 and have loved playing on several teams….one being a “senior” team! Seriously friends, I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be considered a SENIOR!

This weekend my team competed at Districts. We had three matches to get to the finals. We were so limited in our numbers, but managed to get all courts covered. I wasn’t successful in any of my matches. It was such a downer! I made way too many unforced errors, and didn’t play how I wanted. Sure there were great points and amazing shots…..even from me. But a win is a win, and I’m out there ALWAYS to WIN!!!

Do you play sports, and if you do, do you like to win? Well, that sounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it? I would think ANYONE would only want to win. But honestly…if I lose, and I know I played my best tennis….it’s not as tough! And It’s much easier if I know I went for EVERY shot and played aggressively and with confidence! I played like that for the most part, always believing I could win, but when you’re up 5-2 and lose that set, it’s a deflator to your confidence and really hard to fight out of.

I guess it’s best to just try and learn from your losses. Learn how you can do better. Learn to believe in yourself more. Learn and recognize weaknesses in your opponents. I wish I had all the answers and I could come up with better strategies. But for now….I will look forward to my next match!!! Tennis Over 50 keeps me alive and connected with great friends, and I hope I can always play and compete with CONFIDENCE!



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  1. I started playing golf last summer at age 60 after retiring from teaching. Golf is one of the most frustrating, humbling, and difficult things I’ve ever attempted, but I love the challenge. And buying cute outfits for the course is a nice bonus! Haha

    1. Hi Barb….I LOVE golf too! And I agree….the hardest of all the sports I’ve participated in! XO

  2. Like you, I’m 50+ 4.0 player. I’ve been active my whole life. A typical week for me is tennis 2x, working with apersonal trainer 2x and a 18 mile mountain bike ride 1x a week. I also love to get a hike in when I can. Unfortunately, my lifestyle has take it’s toll on my body. I had a total hip replacement in feb and have been on the sidelines since. I’m slowly working my way back and just got the clearance from my doc for all activity. I can hardly wait to get back out there. I especially miss the competition of tennis. You’re an inspiration!

    1. Kim…..I’ve always wondered about that whole idea of being so active that you wear your body out quicker than a less-active person. But…..I wouldn’t change it for anything! I love being active, and can’t imagine all of that NOT a part of my lifestyle! GOOD LUCK with your hip!!!! SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!! XO

  3. I don ‘t play tennis – I play ‘Words with Friends’ mostly with you and your brother. I NEVER win! You two trounce me all the time. But does that stop me? I play because it is fun. Besides, it’s okay to lose to two of your favorite people! xoxoxo

    1. AND…..YOU are a very fun Words with Friends player! And that’s the best attitude……doing it more for FUN than to WIN!!!! XOXOXO

  4. I’ve always loved the sport of tennis. I have never really played,which I can really kick myself because we have excellent tennis courts right at our local high school. My youngest is off to college in 6 days and wonder what to do with myself. Maybe learn a little tennis but maybe it’s too late for me.

    1. NO CHERYL…’s never too late! There are great friendships to be made and LOTS of fun to be had!!!!! Do it! XO

  5. I am over 50 , and play tennis 2-3 times a week and play on various USTA teams in summer, fall combo, spring combo – it’s what keeps me sane. I am stuck at 3.0 level but play up at 3.5 on one particular team. I am hoping I can make it to 3.5 before I hit 55! Is it possible? I still work ful, time or else I’d play every day

  6. I think the fact that you play tennis is what caught my attention the most! I am 57 and got moved up to 4.5 at the age of 53! My team went to Nationals that year and we did not win but got the best award of all…the sportsmanship award! I would never have guessed that I could get moved up at my “advancing age”. But it’s amazing what is possible if you are positive and truly enjoy the sport. Don’t know how long I’ll last at 4.5 but I seem to be hanging in there. ?? Thanks for your inspiration!

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