Did you ever view a tee as versatile? I’m sure you have….. because they totally are! Tee styling….. SIX creative ways will take your tees to a whole new level! But HOW VERSATILE are they….. how many ways can you wear them? I’m sharing with you SIX CREATIVE WAYS TO WEAR YOUR TEE.

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, few items can rival the humble tee shirt. They actually came to be from the undergarment in the early 20th century, and now they definitely are a fashion staple! The t-shirt has proven over and over to be versatile and timeless, and a very inexpensive part to your wardrobe. But beyond their basic-ness…. the t-shirt offers endless possibilities for creativity!

As well as all this, let me show you my ideas for a midlife woman! I’ve been using these six tricks for years! Your t-shirt can be the centerpiece of your outfit!


FIRST would be the FRENCH-TUCK. This is done by partially tucking the front of your t-shirt into your jeans while leaving the back untucked. This look is effortless and adds a touch of sophistication. This will add some balance and polished appearance without sacrificing style!

SECOND is a FRONT KNOT. This is a simple way to add a touch of flair and will instantly make your tee look more cropped. I don’t like my stomach showing, so I don’t tie it as tight. Knotting creates a flattering cinched effect, accentuating your waistline and adding some shape. Experiment with different knot placements and tightness levels to achieve your desired look!

THIRD is what I use the most. Using a BABY RUBBER-BAND for a looser knot and finish it by tucking it under. I use this technique with tees, sweaters, and sweatshirts! I keep my baby bands in my purse as well as my cosmetic bag for travel. Any of these ideas will add definition to your middle. Being a petite woman, I have to use this so often, just to give myself some shape.

FOURTH the very youthful BACK KNOT. My favorite time to use the back knot is for my workout tops or a tee over a swimsuit. It’s trendy and youthful and a little more unique. Try it next time you go to the beach!

FIFTH I CRISS-CROSS and TUCK one side over the other to fit snug.

LASTLY pull through your belt loop and tuck for an ASYMMETRICAL look. For those of you looking for a more fashion-forward approach, try pulling your tee to one side and then through your belt loop. By using your belt loop, it will keep your tee in place without riding up. Take the excess and tuck it back up underneath your tee. It works especially well for high-waisted pants and skirts.


In the world of fashion, your t-shirts can be one of the most creative wardrobe items in your closet. From the French-tuck to the more fashion-forward asymmetrical method, the possibilities are endless. However you choose to experiment with your tees tucking and tying possibilities, these SIX CREATIVE ways to style your tee are simple techniques that will instantly transform your tees into a fashion statement. So…. next time you reach for your plain ole tee, remember the potential it holds!



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