Boosting Confidence After Fifty

Boosting confidence after fifty is either something that makes complete sense…. or NOT! As women age, it’s common to experience many changes in our physical appearance. For me personally, since I’ve hit my sixties it’s been very clear to me that my body is slowing down. With these changes, it can sometimes lead to a decrease in our self-confidence.

However with all these changes, there are many ways we as women CAN feel confident, even empowered after 50 and beyond. In so many ways we are just beginning and have so much to look forward to, which can and will be a confidence booster. The season that we live in now at midlife, can actually be quite amazing!

Boosting confidence after fifty


FIRST, embrace your own unique self. We’ve probably all noticed changes in our skin, hair, and body shape. Instead of focusing on what you may perceive as flaws, celebrate the unique beauty of your age. You can try a new hairstyle, experiment with different makeup, and by all means wear clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable!

SECOND, practice self-care! Taking care of yourself physically and mentally can help boost your self-confidence like no other! Regular exercise, healthy eating, and getting the proper sleep are all important factors. You can also practice mindfulness, meditation, or use prayer to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being!

THIRD, your social life can be a huge confidence booster. Feeling connected with friends outside of your family will give you a safe place to talk about all the things that we deal with at midlife! Leaning on each other for support can make all the difference. My mom and her friends were a huge example of this!

FOURTH, learn something new! By engaging in a new hobby you will feel a big burst of self-esteem. Take a class, or try something you’ve been wanting to but haven’t ever made the time. My husband has been begging me to join my women’s golf league since I stopped going over a year ago. I finally committed myself to every Monday…. today in fact. That birdie out on the course sure did give me the push I needed!

FIFTH, set goals! I’m a huge believer in setting achievable goals. Working towards them can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Whether it’s learning a new language or volunteering for a cause you believe in, setting and achieving goals, will absolutely help boost your self-confidence.


Ladies, boosting confidence after fifty IS ACHIEVABLE. There are many ways we as women can feel confident and empowered at midlife. Embracing your unique beauty, practicing self-care, staying social, learning new things, and setting goals can all help boost your self-confidence and improve your overall well-being.




  1. Love you, Shauna. You are definitely CHIC! What an example you are!

    1. OH MY HEAVENS my SWEET FRIEND! What a wonderful thing to hear from you! YOU are an incredible woman and I’m BLESSED to know you Marj! Thank you for stopping by! XO

    1. Thank you very much Dee! BOLD and COLORFUL is always fun for me! Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon! XO

  2. Yes, Yes and Yes to all the above!! I found you when I was looking for “silver” modern haircuts a few years back and I am always enlightened and delighted to read your blogs and posts.
    I love your style and spirit!

    1. Susan how VERY KIND….. thank you so much!!!! I believe I do have the very best job in the world! Have a fun and safe weekend, and come back again soon! XO

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