Sweater and Everything SALE!

Have you ever lost a sweater…..I mean lost a sweater IN your closet?? I know this one is in there somewhere, and I have looked and looked and looked EVERYWHERE, and I swear it’s not in there. I’m so sad about it, it would be such fun wearing it right now, this last week before Christmas! It’s one of my favorites from Anthro. I might need to make ORGANIZING my clothing, one of my New Years resolutions, even though I consider myself extremely organized!

I will never get tired of sweaters, and I’m just sending out an alert that Anthropologie is having the best sale ever…..on sweaters ON EVERYTHING, 25% off! And if you hurry you can even have it delivered, (free STANDARD shipping) by Christmas! This offer is good through today, MONDAY! Since this is one of my favorite places on earth, I wanted to share!

Hope you all have a fantastic week. Mine will be full of family activities, one of which will be a celebration of our little E birthday! She’s such an angel! And just a side note…I got some really sad news yesterday of a sudden death of a very young mother, who will leave behind three small children and a loving husband. It caused me to think all day long, about life and just how very precious every single moment we have with each other is. DON’T take it for granted. Cherish your loved ones with every fiber of your being. God is good and I KNOW  He will be there to take care of this family.



4 thoughts on “Sweater and Everything SALE!

  1. I too hav “lost” things in my wardrobe!
    Sometimes I forget nd them , sometimes not….. I think there is something like the “sock monster “ in there that devours the one sock in the washing machine!
    I think we all reflect on family & friends when we hear or experience losses. My thoughts go out to your young womans family, as they also go out to the family of an older woman I made friends with when I had my first daughter 30 years ago , she has gone missing this past week. ?

    1. Life is a gift we should all be greatful for, each and every day. At times we lose sight of that. Heartbreaking situations unfortunately remind us so.

      1. Hi Cheryl, it’s so true. It’s human nature to get so caught up in the day-to-day things, we forget what’s really important!!! Happy Holidays! xo

    2. Hi Linda from Australia! I want to visit there SO bad! Thank you for stopping by, and prayers go out to you as well, for your friends! I believe PRAYER is a powerful thing! XO

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