Christmas Traditions

How are we already just one week before Christmas Eve? Unbelievable to me! I’ve got to hurry and wear my “SLEIGH ALL DAY” sweatshirt before the big day is over. I wanted to show you how I styled it in a dressed up way….yep, even wearing it to church! The skirt is ON SALE by Alice and Olivia and is super dressy. The leopard booties are from many years ago by Kate Spade…I have several options linked below! Also, some options for the turtleneck because size availability was different at each place I looked.

In this last week before Christmas I wanted to talk just a minute about one of our favorite holiday traditions. Every Christmas my sweet parents go  to each of their children’s homes to read a Christmas story and give us all the book. This year it was Kate Westerlund’s THE MESSAGE OF THE BIRDS. What a sweet story of a flock of birds who are determined to spread a song of PEACE on EARTH to all who will listen!!! My little ones love gathering around to hear the story and see the beautiful illustrations! We have such a wonderful collection of books that we’ve received from my parents as they’ve given us one each year, for I don’t know how many years!!! It’s my favorite night of December I think….being all together as a family!!!

Shop my outfit below!


Happy Sunday to you!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

    1. Elsie, I’m so so sorry. I’m not sure what’s happening. It directs me right to the item. Your clicking on the small pictures of each item, correct? Thank you for letting me know.

  1. That is a wonderful tradition! What a beautiful way to encourage a lifetime love of books and reading! 🙂

    1. Hello Gail….it REALLY is such a wonderful tradition for our family. My granddaughter asked me the other night if we could continue the tradition after my parents have gone. She’s ten, and each one of them (I have seven) love this time with them! Happy Holidays! XO

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