Athleisure Interpretation

Hey friends! I’ll be running around all day today in this outfit, which is perfect for what’s in store! I’ll be with my littles doing all kinds of partying! Being able to run around with them is so important! If you have grandkids, you know they don’t just want to SEE you, but they want to PLAY with you! It’s my interpretation of an “athleisure” look! Throw on a pair of good leggings a sweatshirt with the cutest silhouette, and then add some fun accessories and boots, and you’re good to go! Everyone should have a good pair of black basic leggings in their closet. These are by Anne Fontaine. I wear mine SO much! I’ve linked a couple pair below for you to shop. And these boots I love, and from last year. They have the height I need, but are SO INCREDIBLY comfortable, you wouldn’t believe it unless you’ve tried them on!

And these socks…..buffalo checks????!!!!!! They are so nice and thick and cozy and FUN for winter! They are HERE, and would also¬†make a fun gift for a friend or a stocking stuffer too!

SHOP this look right here!


Have a great day everyone!



2 thoughts on “Athleisure Interpretation

  1. I finally got off of instagram to check out your blog, Shauna. And it’s just as lovely as your instagram. As for your outfit, it’s one again flawless. I’m especially love the socks and the necklace. I just love the little details in this outfit. Thanks for sharing another wonderful outfit, and I will make sure to stop by your blog again.

    1. Hi Gigi….thank you for stopping in to say “hi”…..and for your nice comments!!!!! Where are you from? Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!!! XO

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