Stands On Its Own

I believe a “top-rated” metallic and shimmery dress such as this, will stand all on its own…………nothing much more required!!!  Wear it with or without the tie, or over a pair of jeans for the dress-over-pants look! The fabric on this is so lustrous! You can see I didn’t add anything except a simple pair of earrings, and some sandals with some metallic stitching detail. Another versatile piece, as it can be easily dressed up or down! I’m really loving the metallics that are everywhere right now. They are so refreshing and make you feel just a little bit special! Maybe the only thing I would add, would be a little metallic bag! I’ve linked one here, and it would look perfect. It comes in silver or gold, and either would be beautiful! And an added bonus…’s on sale!!! So when you wear metallics, remember to keep everything else on the simple side!

Dress  |  Shoes  |  Earrings  |  Bag  |  Lipstick