Jeans, Jeans, and MORE Jeans!

What a blast yesterday, going and visiting my friends at Good Things Utah…talking about JEAN TRENDS! Nicea put me at ease in front of the cameras, as we chatted about “mom jeans”, embroidered jeans, jazzy hems, pops of color, and destructed styles! She was thinking it might be ok to hang on to her expensive name-brand jeans with the embellished pockets that we were all buying a few years back. She referred to that as her “floor stack”! Honestly, we all must have a floor stack somewhere with all of those jeans that we spent our money on but now are sadly leaving the fashion world! I LOVED my time there in the ABC studio! What a great show they have for us here living in Utah. You can view my segment here!

I linked everything here for you all to take a closer look at!

The modern mom jean, or high-waisted style is back with a vengeance and so good at accentuating a woman’s figure! Tuck your top if you’re wearing a full style, or a half-tuck if it’s a skinny style! Here, here, and here are my favorites! This kind of a top is really cute to wear with the high-waisted look!

The embroidered jean…..I like to wear something simple with these so the jeans can do the talking. This top is the perfect choice for the embroidered look! This outfit is what I posted yesterday.

There are many options when it comes to jazzy hems! There is fringe, raw hems, and gypsy style! Who ever thought that it would be about the hem???

And look what’s making a comeback! The colored jean! I will forever love something striped with a cute pair of colored denim!!! This jacket from Madewell is so adorable with any color you choose!!! I would choose red!

And lastly the destructed pair. And yes, these really can be dressed up and it’s actually my favorite way to wear them!

My outfit is here! Yellow top, jeans, sandals, and earrings that are just as fab!

Hope this gives you some ideas for your JEAN wardrobe…..I think I’m safe to say that for most of us, we wear denim 80% of the time!

THANK YOU Nicea, Jessie, Janeen, Brian, Megan and McKenna!!!!! XO