spring dresses I can't wait to wear

Tis the season for dresses ladies so I couldn’t help but share the spring dresses I can’t wait to wear!!!! I think everyone is ready for spring after this exceptionally long, wet and cold winter! It makes for the perfect time to update the dresses in your closet.

With Easter right around the corner, I’m almost positive that ANY WOMAN would love to have a new Easter dress! Am I right? Do you remember as a little girl picking out your Easter dress? They are some of my best memories! My mama made all of my clothes. I remember my light blue gingham checked suit and another was a yellow maxi dress. Besides singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives in church, the only other thing I remember about Easter, was what dress I would get!! A true fashionista!

I love throwing on a dress, even if just at home. I just found THIS TEE DRESS that is so cute and comfy and perfect for HOME. And with the the sneaker game being what it is these days, dresses are easily worn with any of your sneakers!

spring dresses I can't wait to wear


It’s important to know, just like with anything else….. WHICH SILOUETTES look the best on your body. I LOVE the look of the frilly loose, babydoll style. However with as tall (or short) as I am, I have to be a little careful with this look. The dress pictured below is from last year and is similar to what I mean. The fabric is really soft and so it lays nice without bulk. It’s actually so good that it’s been brought back again this spring in other colors. FIND IT HERE. It’s definitely falls in to the category of spring dresses I can’t wait to wear again!

I like my dresses mostly with heels, again because of my height, but absolutely LOVE IT when I can find a dress that looks cute with sandals or sneakers. I feel the most comfortable in my sneakers with a t-shirt dress. And that brings me to the point of…. can dresses be versatile? YES! Mix them up with belts, sweaters, jackets, jewelry, hats, scarves and shoes! The striped shirtdress below is one for ANY style of shoe!


So what spring dresses can you not wait to wear? I’m excited for dresses but more excited for spring and warm sunshine! How about you…. I’m ready!


  1. Shauna: Lately the illustrations, suggestions or referrals which you offer or combinations you refer to, etc., have not been downloading. Instead there will be a tiny circle which goes round and round, but never results in a picture. I’ve checked with my provider and it doesn’t seem to be my computer or their delivery (?). Have you gotten comments from others?

    1. Hello Brie…. do you mean when you are clicking on my links? I just checked and everything is working fine on my end. Haven’t had anyone else say anything. I’m so sorry, I wish I had an answer for you! Do you have good internet where you live?

      1. No, the links are fine. Above, in the text about the blue print maxi dress you have, in bold print, FIND IT HERE. That works fine. I click on it and it takes me to Anthropologie’s post But, again for example, under the picture of you in a blue/white striped dress, there is that tiny circle going around continuously. Under that is a heading “Shop My Favorites”… but no favorites appear… just that tiny circle again as if the pics are trying to download but never come through. I’m betting it’s some problem on my end and I’m just trying to track it down. My internet has been good, but I’ll go back to my provider and try again. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t system-wide or affecting anyone else. I only said something on the off-chance that it was preventing your info from getting to your followers and you weren’t aware of it. Thanks for your help.

        1. You are so sweet to let me know, but everything checks out to be fine here. So sorry. If there’s a specific link you want you can always let me know and I can send it to you. Thanks Brie! Have a great week!! XO

  2. I love the floral dress! So bright a beautiful! I love Spring and Summer dresses!

    1. Lisa were you having an issue as well opening links? Let me know. And yes DRESSES are the very best during SPRING!!!!! Have a wonderful week!

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