Shopping The Sales

It’s a holiday for me today…..Columbus Day, and so I’ll just be over here hanging out in this dressing room hunting down the SALE items! When I think of most holidays, I think of SALES! So many everywhere and just in time as we probably are all thinking about Christmas! It’s never, never too early to start thinking about Christmas! My favorite store always has such great sales, Anthro. So below I’ve linked ANYTHING ANTHRO on sale. Nordstrom has some great sweaters…something for everyone! And at Macy’s I’ve linked the coats and jackets that are on sale. And who doesn’t always need a tee shirt? Madewell has some of the best! And Chico’s…probably the best bang for your buck there! If you can’t get out today to shop… can do it through your device with these links!

Anthropologie Anything  |  Nordstrom Sweaters  |  Macy’s Coats  |  Madewell Tees

And Chico’s…….at Chicos it’s 40% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!!!!!

Have a great week everyone…..and hopefully you’ll be able to find some goods!


6 thoughts on “Shopping The Sales

  1. I recently started following you and a few other over-50 bloggers on Instagram (@vintageteacher) and have discovered my hidden fashionista. I am a school teacher and thought that my clothes and shoes needed to be plain and comfy, but I am learning that I can be cute and fashionable at school! After going vegan last January I dropped 30 pounds very quickly and it’s been fun buying clothes and shoes for my new figure. I am glad there are women out there like you who prove that over 50 doesn’t have to be frumpy! I am thinking about resurrecting my Frugal Teacher blog and focusing on my vegan lifestyle and fashion. Any advice?

    1. Hi Louise! First CONGRATULATIONS on a new you!!! That must be so much fun! No, being over 50 definitely DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FRUMPY! It’s kind of an easy box to get in to, because the older we get the more comfortable we want to be. But being comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy either!!!!! I think you absolutely should resurrect your blog. If you want to focus on being vegan, maybe you would want to rename it? Having a catchy name and one that relates to your purpose is key! People will remember you! You should go for it….women would be interested! XO

  2. That looks like a soft, warm, cozy, comfortable top – my kind of style for cold weather! xoxo

  3. This will probably sound corny, but thank you for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. Literally. Before I discovered your blog (last week), my wardrobe was one that matched my mood: depressed. I’ve been down on myself for years. Even the J. Crew lady told me, “we need to work in your self image.” Apparently, I’m not as ugly and dumpy as I thought I was! Anyway, thank you for the fashion advice … I’ve now learned that they aren’t just “clothes.”

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