Shopping Gift Guides For The Holidays

The frenzy is fast approaching, so time for some SHOPPING GIFT GUIDES for the holidays! SHOPPING from your phone was NEVER EASIER!!!!!! And I’m here to say that I’m getting so efficient at it…. you can seriously get stuff done at the stop light! It can be so hard at times to come up with great gift ideas. I find that for certain people in my family and social circles, that it’s VERY EASY to find a fun gift. I would consider myself one of those EASY TO SHOP FOR PEOPLE! But like for instance my mom, she doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want gadgets or stuff to put in her home…. she can be very hard to shop for!

This blog I’ve linked some really great ideas, and so hopefully will get you through the shopping season with ease! THIS FRIDAY is when you want to have those lists ready so you can click away without becoming sidetracked! Do you find yourself ALL OVER THE PLACE and losing focus when you’re shopping on the internet? I’m so bad at this….. that’s why I’ll be shopping with a LIST!

I’ve included here GIFTS FOR HER, GIFTS FOR HIM, GIFTS FOR FRIENDS…. along with my FAVORITE DESTINATION sites that are excellent places to shop!


You must check out THIS sweater….. it comes in the cutest color combo of aqua and orange! And this jacket seriously looks like an expensive CHANEL embossed jacket I have had for years, that was a fortune!!! And this fluffy coat has to be the BEST DEAL here!


Would you say that MEN can be some of the hardest to shop for? This jacket is such a great price and comes in a variety of colors but LOVED this terra-cotta shade! And my man LOVED a package full of fun socks last Christmas! This can be such a fun gift for any man in your life!


I wanted to point out these darling wrapping cloths!!!! So fun for your bestie who would appreciate a good wrap job! And this towel is such a cute idea for your yogi girlfriend! This scarf could be for ANYONE, a classic! One of these plates would make such a pretty presentation to take a friend a homemade treat!

Another great idea for a holiday gift would be one of these NORDGREEN WATCHES! They are so sleek and so affordable too! They have a great deal going on right now, so nows the time…. ha! Get it?!! A watch can be such a really beautiful accessory!!! Here is my blog about this company!

This is a really fun JAMMIE BRAND that I’ve recently worked with, called Printfresh! I LOVE the BOLD, COLORFUL, and UNIQUE prints! And they come in the most darling little pouches….. you won’t even need to wrap!

If you have any great and unique gift ideas, I’d love to hear from you! It’s always fun to get fresh ideas! This year may be such a different look for us! I think we’ve all learned that it’s NOT THE STUFF that makes us happy. It’s the RELATIONSHIPS and TIME that we’ve come to really, REALLY APPRECIATE and VALUE!!!

HAPPY SHOPPING FRIENDS! I hope that my shopping gift guides for the holidays will make your shopping experience a bit easier this year! I will be updating these guides up until the big day!

Shauna XO


note: my joggers and shoes are sold out, but I’ve linked three pair of sassy joggers and ALL ON SALE for you to shop a similar look!

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  1. You have always given me nice gifts, but the best gift is your phone calls, your texts, your visits, your love! That’s all I need. If you lived closer the best gift would be a date to the temple and lunch (which we have had in the past)! xoxoxo

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