She’s A SUPER Model

I feel so fortunate to know this woman. There are just times when you meet someone and the connection is UNBELIEVABLE. I met this beautiful lady, Nancy Donahue, the 80’s SUPER MODEL, the other night. The warmth I felt from her was amazing. As we sat together over dinner with the beautiful Catherine Graceo, we became more and more connected through conversation! Later in the evening, we learned that we both came from large families, and were both number four in line. We’ve also struggled with many of the same things, in a different sort of way. We teared up many times talking about such personal things. Normally I wouldn’t share so much but it seemed so safe and appropriate. I love her, and we’ll forever be connected!

She lives in NYC and is doing amazing things!!! She’s developing a product that you will ALL WANT TO HEAR ABOUT, but isn’t quite yet available. Believe me…..I’ll let you know when it is, probably September-ish! She’s warm, accepting, simple, beautiful, smart, savvy, chic, classy, and now I can call her MY FRIEND!!!! #bffs



2 thoughts on “She’s A SUPER Model

  1. What a sweet post, Shauna! I love when people come into your life and you wonder why you didn’t meet them sooner because the connection is just so deep. I’m glad you met Nancy…sounds like she is sweetheart inside and out! 🙂 Happy 4th of July to you and your family! 🙂

    1. Hi Lizzy….I know, meeting up with blogging friends is such a bonus to this journey! I hope to meet you some day too!!! XO

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