Sunny California in J.Jill Style

I’m just going to be over here in sunny California in my J.Jill style all week long, showing you how to travel in style and with such ease! If only I could pack like this every trip….getting a few beautiful easy pieces all in the same color scheme. It makes it a cinch to mix and match and change things up!

This cute little skirt and top are Tencel which is the softest and most comfortable kind of denim to wear! The color is so light and fresh and could be considered a neutral! I don’t know what you couldn’t put with it! And this chunky necklace I LOVE!

I’m so excited to show you my J.Jill on my vacation…..stay tuned! There will be a J.Jill give-away involved too, so don’t miss out!!!!!! Yay! XO

4 thoughts on “Sunny California in J.Jill Style

  1. Mind sharing what size you got this outfit in. Thinking about ordering Precious on you

    1. Hi Denise…so nice to hear from you, thank you! I am wearing an XS in petite. The fabric is SO SOFT…you’ll love it!!! XO

    1. Hi Jodie….it really is such a cute staple! It would look DARLING on YOU!!! The possibilities are endless!!! So FUN to meet you finally!!!! XO

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