Rounding Up Some FALL Fashion

This DRESS came from Mina’s Boutique here where I live.


I thought it was a good time for ROUNDING UP some FALL FASHION! What are your favorite things about fall when it comes to your STYLE? I’ve always thought it was a bit tricky getting everything just right when I’m making the change from summer to fall. I don’t want to look too summerish…… nor too fallish! And this time of year the weather can change in a heartbeat, which is why LAYERS are so important!

I wore this column jersey dress in Boston while we were there. Mine isn’t available, but I’ve found really similar styles that are linked above! It’s a great dress to pack, because it rolls up to nothing and is super lightweight. If you need a layer over the top, add your favorite jean jacket or velvet Moto jacket and perhaps even a solid colored scarf! By the way…… the Moto jacket is GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW!

I’ve accessorized this look with my DEAN DAVIDSON necklace and earrings.

My PINK dress here, I just purchased….. because it was the most beautiful shade of pink. I wore it in Florida while we were there celebrating our two year anniversary. It may not seem very FALLISH, but don’t second-guess it. Just add some tall suede boots and a fabulous vest or jacket, and it most definitely can move in to fall for you, and in such a BEAUTIFUL way!

This PINK dress caught my eye not only because it’s my favorite color, but a very flattering style!

This next look has to be my most favorite! These jeans are A-DOR-ABLE! The fun detailed side stripe is colorful and interesting! I’m also LOVING this cute tee. The bright fall colors and oversized fit are oh so good! I also bought it in THIS pattern. Aren’t they cute? Could you style these jeans up? Of course you could…… see what I’ve linked below? They absolutely can and was actually what I wore while in Las Vegas celebrating my husband’s birthday!


These plaid pants…. STRETCHY PANTS as I called them in this blog here, are considered HAPPY PANTS! They are a purple and black plaid mix. You can pair them with all of your neutrals, denim shirts or jackets, even pull in a contrasting color like orange or gold. What about a sweater like this for fall with some tall black boots? VERY CUTE! And how do you dress them up? With a black blazer, white button-down, and black pumps. EASY!!

Rounding up some FALL FASHION has never been such fun. Remember when putting a look together to think about one summer piece paired with two or three fall pieces! Like for example a summerish pair of pants and top paired with some suede booties and a jacket. Explore…… HAVE FUN….. and for sure stay true to YOUR STYLE! Have a WONDERFUL WEEK FRIENDS!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Rounding Up Some FALL Fashion

  1. I love that your fall fashion picks appear with non traditional fall colors! It makes the transition less sad 😞. I love summer and I’m always sad to see it go. Question: Do you think the ‘white boot’ will be popular again this year?

    1. YES! I would say yes! The biggest thing I see with boots, is that we’re seeing more of the combat boot style than we are with the traditional style we’ve seen for several years. Not sure I would want any, however I do have some light beige ones! Never say never girl!!!! Lol!

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