Okay, so you all know how I feel about readers! And the longer I need them, it seems the more issues I have! It’s just a fact that as we get older, 99.9% of us will eventually (usually in our 40’s) need to get glasses. And going to the optometrist is such a good idea, and recommended every year. But when its time to order your glasses……OUCHIE! They are SO DANG EXPENSIVE. I have spent so much money on reading glasses at my optometrist’s office. Here is an article you might find interesting. It basically says that for most of us OTC (over the counter) readers are fine and will save you SO many dollars! Oh how it hurts when you lose an expensive designer pair while traveling!!! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve done that!!! And can you REALLY tell a difference between the expensive versus inexpensive pair?? I can’t! And who doesn’t need a zillion pairs of readers??? I sure do! One by my bed, by my computer, in the kitchen, in my purse, and in my car. NO KIDDING, I use every single pair!

So when contacted me, I was SO EXCITED so I could prove a point that you can find glasses that are fashionable, fun, good quality, and without breaking the bank!!! You CAN afford getting multiple pairs, AND if you lose a pair IT WON’T HURT!

I chose four different pair. First the classic black frame called the BEATRIX. I LOVE this look. It makes me feel on trend, and very smart and fashionable! The second pair is called the LIME. It’s two-toned with all kinds of color options! These are the typical reader style with the ability to look over the top. It’s always good to have a pair like this for the classroom, or at church, when you have to look down to read but then have to look up at a distance! Then there is the BOOKWORM! And they are definitely very bookish! I have always loved this style! In fact, it’s the style of my very last pair of expensive designer readers! The two look nearly identical! And saving the fun and sassy ones for last…..called the BOUQUET! Of course I would need a pink pair, and OF COURSE they would need to be all flowery and girly!!!!! Aren’t they cute???

So needless to say…….I LOVE all FOUR pair of my readers. has a very easy to use website. It has a way for you to figure out what power you should order too. The quality is extremely good!!!! I was so excited to see them in the mail, and have been really, really HAPPY with them! Read on……and in STYLE too!



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  1. I wear glasses at work but i do i know which number i need in readers? 150, 200 etc…

    1. My reading script is just +.50. If you can hold a book at a comfortable distance, say just short of arms reach, I would say it’s about the same as mine. I haven’t been able to find any readers that went that low. I have used higher power, and they help, but when I take them off…I can’t see a thing in the distance! Might I suggest you go to Target or a drug store and just try on a few pair to see which power works for you. Then go back to this website where Shauna models these adorable glasses! Good luck!

  2. Hi Helena, this company has such a GREAT collection of almost ANYTHING you’d be looking for!!! Happy reading!!!! XO

  3. Love these looks! And absolutely love YOU and your mission!

    You’re absolutely right. I ended up getting prescription glasses but I don’t think I really need them. Plus I get tired of the same look. I have diverse tastes! My issue is finding larger glasses. I have a big face lol and small reading glasses seem to be the norm and look silly in me. Any suggestions? Ive never bought glasses online before.

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