Dressing Like I’m HAPPY!

When you are dressing and putting your looks together….what exactly are you thinking? How do you want to come across? I’m sure dressing for work and dressing for every day, or even the weekend, you think differently? But if you were to just dress without all of those restrictions in place…..HOW WOULD YOU DRESS? Does your style reflect YOU as a person? What would you choose? If you’ve followed me long enough, you probably know that I LOVE COLOR, PATTERNS, TEXTURE, and lots of FUN! A few weeks ago as I was styling a skirt for a project, I thought a white button-down shirt would work with my skirt. When I put it on, it DEFINITELY WAS NOT ME! It didn’t feel right AT ALL! I had to take away the button-down and add some color and texture, and then it worked.

I was so drawn to these pants! They are linked up for you below, along with the rest of my look. I loved the print, the colors, and the fit of the pants. I wore them last weekend during an interview with a bright yellow tee and heels. I’ll be taking them somewhere tropical in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned, because it’s going to be FABULOUS! But how cute would they be with a denim shirt, or denim jacket? And you could definitely add that boring white button-down! How would you dress these up? I would add maybe a silky or gauzy type blouse and metallic heels. Cute right? Instantly styled to go out on the town! You could even add your white blazer to this look for more sophistication! Just a note too…..the tee I’m wearing above is right here! I’m in love with the sleeves, a bit more capped but not tight! I have it also in yellow!

But let’s talk about this location??? I was in LOVE with the Hall of Breakfast, a pop-up art display here in Salt Lake. It will be open through August for those who live near and would like to visit! I’ll be posting several pics coming up in the next week or two! My only wish was that it had better lighting! The light is really bad most places within the display. My good friend said that she didn’t think it was worth the pricey ticket, as she took all her kids and then they sort of got bored with it all! But for me as a blogger, it was such a fun photo-op! I would only recommend it if you LOVE taking pictures!!!

Shop my look right here!


Heading in to another weekend, and hope you have a fabulous one in store! I’ll be really busy doing a BRIDAL photo shoot……I couldn’t be MORE excited!


8 thoughts on “Dressing Like I’m HAPPY!

  1. What a pretty Blog I love all the COLOR you posted. There are so many different Outfits you can put together with these Pant first I thought of was a pretty Peasant Blouse with some of the colors of the Pant in it a pretty striped or flower Blouse, or even a white and yellow checked Top be cute. I’m not very good about mixing colors together but I’m learning, you are the best Teacher when it comes to Fashion. Keep it up I look forward to your Blog each Day. You are to cute. xoxo

  2. Hello Rita….thank you so much for your ideas!!! I LOVE the peasant top idea!!!! That would look really cute!!!! Sometimes by just experimenting, you can come up with something you never had thought of before! The only thing is, experimenting also causes TORNADOS in your closet!!!!

  3. Love this! You could pick any color from the dots t-shirt wise. Love the gingham blouse! Love the backgrounds! Love your posts! I learn so much!

    1. Ramona, that’s so nice. Thank you. I’ve always loved color, even if it’s just a bright lip!!!! XO

  4. You look amazing for your age and an inspiration for me. I will turn 49 in 3 days and I am in the process of finding “ME” again. I love looking through your photos to see a beautiful, healthy happy you and know that I can be that too. You have helped me see that I don’t have to play it safe with what I want with my style and hair…. as I type this I am at a salon to remove all the dye from my hair so I can eventually go all silver that I inherited from my Grandmother. I am tired of being someone I’m not. Please, keep smiling for all of ladies that are a little lost with who we want to be .

    1. Angela, that’s so beautifully said!!!! Women are so hard on themselves…..I’m my worst critic as they say!!!! We should all embrace who we are and how we express ourselves! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! XO

  5. I just love your ideas of colour pattern and texture… I sure am learning alit from you. I feel inspired the way u use colour… when ever I go into a consignment store or thrift store I look at all the colourful accessories and buy them..
    Keep up the great work xxx

    1. Debbie, this is SO NICE!!! Thank you!!! I’ve just always been drawn to color for whatever reason. I’m happy to know that you are exploring new things!!! COLOR makes the world go round!!! XO

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